Why Promotional Product Software For Your Business?

Promotional Product Software

Just as any industry does, the promotional products industry also considers customer satisfaction a top priority. In order to succeed, it is important for promotional products businesses to meet the ever-increasing needs of their customers. And a smooth and efficient business process is key to doing just that. From order entry and inventory management to shipping, accounting, and customer service, each aspect of the business needs to function seamlessly. CustomBuilt, Diaspark’s range of promotional products software, can meet these expectations of suppliers and distributors. CustomBuilt is a one-stop solution for all your operations management needs as a promotional products business.


Why Promotional Products Software?


  1. Coherence

The promotional products industry is infamous for multiple systems and processes such as sales, data entry, or order management. It involves a stack of word documents, excel sheets, printouts, folders, and faxes filled with product, pricing, and order information. To simplify the process, business management software for promotional companies is a necessity. CustomBuilt is one system software that involves everything. It streamlines the processes and removes redundancy.


  1. Data Management

A promotional products business software is much needed to handle growing data. For sales, it needs to offer customer data and interaction as well as pricing and product data. For management, it needs to tell you if you’re making a quotation or not. For admins, it needs to offer real-time aggregated information. The ability for everyone in your organization to access the data that’s valuable to them is one of the most important aspects of modern business software. A fully integrated cloud-based solution for the promotional product industry is the solution to handle the huge flow of data in a smooth manner.


  1. Manage aspects of promotional product shop

The several aspects of promotional products business include Sales & Marketing, Order Processing, Purchasing & Inventory, Production Management, Shipping & Receiving, Finance & Accounting. To maintain all the systems and processes in place, promotional products business software is a must.


  1. Promostandards and ASI Integration

In the age of digital, it is imperative that businesses use software that is state-of-the-art. With a huge push towards e-commerce within the promotional products industry, software that allows management of orders by integrating with ASI and Promostandards is not an advantage but a necessity.


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