The business value of outsourcing

 In Corporate

I was reading this article in Economic Times few days’ back- “Target Guns for Growth on Tech & Outsourcing Drive”. An entirely changed dynamics for Software outsourcing industry can be clearly sensed from this. Outsourcing is no longer tagged to cost savings. Technology services providers have become business partners, who contribute in variety of ways to achieve the business vision of companies globally, irrespective of the business scale.

The changed way of technology buying brings:

  • Go-To-Market quickly instead of scrambling to do everything in-house and experience delay
  • New ideas to leverage eCommerce and mCommerce for expansion into new geographies and business models
  • Superior architectural and quality services for better response time
  • Instant adoption of new technologies and trends

From the coding hands to sharing minds, discussing around a business vision and innovation agenda, technology outsourcing has now become an integral part of businesses aspiring to thrive in the bumpy economy.

Sunita Kishnani
AVP – MarCom

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