Equip Your Team with Agile Staff Augmentation Solutions

From onsite operations to remote collaborations, and spanning healthcare to retail, our staff augmentation services are here to strengthen your team.

An Overview of IT Staff Augmentation

Looking for talented software engineers to join your team? Our IT staff augmentation services provide the perfect mix of project progress and cost-effectiveness. Easily adjust your team's size, whether on-site or remote, without the hassle of recruiting or paperwork. Say hello to a seamless solution for your staffing needs.

Diaspark is your premier technology partner, specializing in healthcare and retail sectors. With substantial investments in cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, NLP, RPA, Data Analytics, and Cloud, coupled with expertise in mHealth and Interoperability, our team empowers healthcare organizations through interoperability, collaborative tools, coordinated care, and patient engagement. In retail, our team excels in generating data-driven insights, platform enhancements, including Lifetime Value (LTV) and omnichannel integration, fostering innovation, and seamlessly integrating technology to enhance the overall customer experience.

Group of IT professionals standing together, ready to help you with your IT staff augmentation services.

Our Staff Augmentation Solutions

On Site Staffing

Diasprak’s on-site staffing solution gives you the flexibility to quickly scale your team with top-tier developers who are already aligned with your needs. We take care of, so you can focus on growing your business.

Remote Staffing

Our Offsite Outsourcing Service grants you access to a proficient team of developers who can contribute to your crucial projects from a distance. From single assignments to comprehensive project management, we’re here to cater to your unique needs and objectives.

Healthcare Technology Experts

Unveil a new era of patient engagement and care delivery by partnering with us. Our experts integrate technology seamlessly, enhancing patient engagement. From AI automation to consumer-centric solutions, we tailor expertise to you. Let’s transform healthcare together.

Retail Technology Experts

Transform your retail world with our Retail Solutions experts. Strengthen customer bonds, enrich experiences, and digitize your retail landscape. Discover how our team of specialists elevates Customer Insights, excels in Platform Engineering, maximizes Efficiency, and pioneers Microservices. Dive into the world of revolutionary retail solutions.

Advantages of Team Augmentation

Full Development Control

Maintain complete control over the development process.

Diverse Expertise

Access a wide range of expertise and cutting-edge technologies. 

Cost Savings

Achieve significant cost savings compared to permanent hiring. 

Swift Hiring

Streamlined and rapid hiring process for immediate results. 

Vast Specialist Pool

Gain access to a large pool of skilled IT specialists.

Minimal Administration

Eliminate administrative burdens associated with permanent hiring. 

Our Hiring Process

Share Your Needs

Tell us what you’re looking for – team size, technology requirements, and staffing duration. The more you share, the quicker we match you with suitable candidates. 

Pick Your Developers

We offer teams ready to go for urgent needs. If you seek a tailor-made developer for long-term collaboration, you can participate in selecting and interviewing. 

Onboard Your Team

Our staff integrates fully with your in-house crew for seamless collaboration. Detail your project specifics and assign tasks to each member.

Manage With Ease

The extended team syncs with your internal timeline and project tools. For streamlined management, we can even provide a part-time or full-time Project Manager. 

Project Delivery

We monitor progress to ensure your goals are achieved. The outcome of our partnership is a robust digital solution delivered on time. 

What Makes Us Unique?

Abundant Resources

Access a vast pool of 300+ candidates and leverage 27 years of IT staffing experience. 

Swift Start

Initiate projects promptly with our remarkable 3-day candidate turnaround. 

Tailored Staffing

Scale effortlessly with on-site or remote experts. Skip recruitment hassles – we adjust to your needs seamlessly. 

Tech Expertise

Diaspark brings AI, ML, NLP, RPA, Data Analytics, and Cloud prowess to your team. Our software engineers excel in these technologies, ensuring your projects stay ahead. 

Cost-Effective Solution

Balancing progress and cost, our flexible model saves you from traditional hiring expenses. 

Seamless Collaboration

Our cohesive team integrates smoothly with yours, fostering efficiency and teamwork. 

Industry Specialization

Dominate healthcare and retail sectors with specialized knowledge, propelling your success. 

Transformative Impact

Revolutionize healthcare collaboration, patient engagement, retail insights, and tech innovation with Diaspark.

Technology Expertise

An image is showing technologies used for IT staff augmentation, including HTML, JS, Meteor, Ember, RACK FND, .NET, Java, Node.js, PHP, C, PWA, Android, Qt, Swift, Flutter, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Spark, Caffe, Keras, Theano, Gensim, spaCy, SaltStack, Chef, Ansible, Nagios, Zabbix, Appium, Ranorex, Selenium, AWS, Rackspace.
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