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Many Successful ISVs are running their business since years with their aged but proven application. They have clients continuing to use their application for more than a decade.
The Current state of the application’s architecture world in healthcare IT is, most of the applications are still on client server technology, running on-premise. Many ISVs have Web Enabled client/server software running on Citrix or Terminal Services to provide remote and multi-user access from single deployment architecture.

However with the fast changing environment, they usually come across few issues these days –
a) Healthcare providers and their management teams wants the application to be accessible from anywhere, at any time whether it be their Laptop, iPad or Smart Phones
b) Currently we are using client/server based application and we encounter the issue of implementation, upgrades and high deployments cost
c) The Clients of ISVs running their application terminal or Citrix servers are finding it more expensive than the current age solutions

A few questions which come to their minds are: –
– How many healthcare software vendors are already using or moving towards the web-based model?
– Is the healthcare world comfortable with this paradigm?
– Will my existing third party application be integrated with the new web based solutions?
– What about the Security and the Compliances needed by Healthcare application? It looks very difficult to achieve all those on Web based environment

One of the toughest decisions is usually “Should my application be web-based.”
Even after ISVs realizes the importance of Migrating to Web, they have a brand new set of issues
– I don’t have internal bandwidth to migrate, what it will take to migrate my application from Legacy environment to cutting edge Web based solution.
– My application is not so easy to migrate; will my technology partner be able to understand the complexity involved?
– My users are so used to my legacy application, will the new Migrated application be able to fulfill all those expectations

In todays environ simplicity and convenience is the primary offerings to the users. For ISVs, it is the maintainability and the time to market. ISVs are also moving towards the web-based application to take the ultimate advantage of the internet. Web based application gives them a simplified access to their business information anywhere-anytime. It allows high availability of the application as administrators can work from any location remotely on the systems 24X 7 a week to fix any operational issues. With a computer connected to the Internet, a web browser and the right identity, the application is accessible from any location, which immensely enhances productivity & efficiency – The ultimate goal of any software implementation.

Tech world is highly dynamic… The ISVs must critically evaluate the benefits it brings to its end-users before adopting it. Technologies which bring in meaningful enhancements are important to adopt. Web-based applications have come a long way and now offer competitive advantages over legacy systems, allowing healthcare IT to improve collaboration, adopt more efficient processes, decrease data duplication and reduce documentation errors. To achieve the best results from technology in today’s fast faced competitive world, Healthcare ISVs must rapidly accept and apply these transformations in their products.

Atul Jain
Senior Project Manager

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