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Diaspark is a Microsoft Gold Partner with competency in Microsoft SharePoint, Business Intelligence, Dashboards, Enterprise Portals & Collaboration and Custom .Net Development.

This profound Microsoft relationship helps us to deliver rich solutions and services on the newest available Microsoft technologies. With years of experience of working with the SharePoint platform, we provide one-stop solution from consulting, development, migration, deployment and support to deliver best-in-class SharePoint services and solutions.

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Make the most out of SharePoint

Intelligent interfaces and easy to use systems can cut transaction time in half, save costs and improve productivity. Creating these interfaces can be challenging and calls for a broad set of expertise and unique Microsoft SharePoint development and designing skills to build the core SharePoint components and integration points with existing applications.

Specialized SharePoint development know-how is either hard to find or it’s difficult to get efficient SharePoint solutions delivered as expected.

Diaspark’s vast business experience and deep understanding of the platform can be leveraged when you think of developing Microsoft SharePoint solutions for your unique needs. We offer core SharePoint development, which includes designing and customizing OOTB SharePoint services and web parts to the state of the art intranet portals, sites, business intelligence dashboards, document management systems, and custom SharePoint development services. Our SharePoint development team consists of SharePoint Professional Architects, SharePoint Admins, SharePoint Analysts, and SharePoint Quality Analysts are specialized in information architecture, user experience, features and content, application and architecture, development and testing, governance and platform architecture.

Diaspark SharePoint experts guide you through every stage in creating visual designs and information taxonomies. We start by assessing current processes, interviewing IT teams, employees and creating a concept model. Our unique requirement gathering sessions, workshops involve users (agile) throughout the project. Get your short and long-run plans around Microsoft SharePoint in action with Diaspark with


Application page design


Customizing OOTB Services

Web part development

State of the art intranet

LoB applications integration

Tailored solutions that are just right for your business

With years of industry experience and in-depth product knowledge in SharePoint development, we provide business-driven solutions on top of Microsoft technologies.

Our experts guide you through SharePoint customization, custom development of applications while the integration of those with your current environment allowing you to adapt the program fully to your organization’s needs without relying on expensive SharePoint application development resources for every customization, application development, and enhancement. By customizing the SharePoint tool, you can tap into the real potential of this powerful platform and enhance flexibility with SharePoint Integration & legacy systems such as CRMs, ERPs, SQL, and other databases, and more.

Our SharePoint customization services include the development of basic collaboration tools to highly agile workflow process-based application development. Be it a SharePoint site that interacts with lists or external databases or it’s about customizing a simple dashboard to an intuitive yet easy-to-use SharePoint business intelligence dashboard. We acknowledge the mission-critical business needs of organizations and make sure that the solution we provide to you is truly customized to fit your business.

Diaspark can be of your service in SharePoint customization / custom development including

Look and feel of SharePoint sites

Information architecture


Document and content life cycle

State of the art intranet portals

Transforming the way you analyze business data to make Informed decisions

Transforming the way you analyze business data to make informed decisions
Over a period of time, businesses invest in application silos, each having information pertaining to various business processes. These may be into several applications, spreadsheets, and documents. Business managers often have to make critical decisions based on incomplete or outdated information.

SharePoint bridges your information silos and provides a concise view with clear, pertinent reports and on-screen inquiry “dashboards” that present all the key performance indicators that truly support effective decision making. SharePoint Business Intelligence (BI) system can simplify access to the historical, current, and predictive views of operations needed to make better decisions.
Reporting and analysis can provide your executives with ready to access information, while dashboards provide corporate-level vital information based on key parameters in the form of rich, graphical data depiction with drill-down capabilities to the top management.

Implementing BI solution requires both industry knowledge and technology expertise. Diaspark’s SharePoint consultants work with you to determine the right data to display based on your business needs. Our analysts carry sound industry knowledge and technology expertise to deliver a business intelligence system that will provide critical information that leads to improved operational and financial performance.

We build BI systems that structure data in an intuitive user interface. Our SharePoint services range from business planning and technology assessments to complete BI implementations.

Diaspark can let you gain better insight into business performance measures that helps you make smarter, faster decisions with

Business Intelligence


Reporting using Excel Services

Key Performance Indicators

SQL Server Reporting Services

Power Pivot SharePoint 2019

Expert guidance for successful project roll out

A successful deployment of SharePoint 2013 requires the consideration and recognition of many variables to leverage SharePoint’s full features while minimizing downtime.

If your organization needs optimized business processes and you want to save the effort your IT team makes to get restarted or you are just too short a team to get the SharePoint deployment right the way you want – Diaspark can assist you in making right steps in deployment of the required infrastructure that sustains for long and delivers value. Thinking of which hardware, software, services, permissions, accounts, and spaces best fit in your requirements and how to set them up correctly – Diaspark’s professionals can be of service to you in complete SharePoint deployment, SharePoint Migration, SharePoint implementation, installation, and SharePoint Consulting services.

We start with a comprehensive analysis of your business having a personalized and in-depth look at processes, infrastructure, functionality, user behaviour, tools, and third party systems to determine the prevalent challenges. We can provide you with strategic environment planning through suggesting the deployment of infrastructure, user functionality, features, integration, and custom applications that best fit your business. We guide you at every stage of deployment and assist you in installation and implementation process. Stand back and relax till our team deploys your SharePoint solution making it ready for you to use with customized design, branding, user experience, infrastructure setup, deployment and SharePoint consulting services.

Get expert guidance & proactive support

SharePoint ecosystem often requires minor but on-going tweaks for the best-optimized output. As the organization moves closer to use the platform; more and more information is shared and extracted by several users on a single platform.

Regular maintenance is essential for the continued smooth operation of the overall environment. Diaspark’s consultants and subject experts understand the importance of the business processes and resource management from the hardware, software, application, database, health check-ups, patches, updates side. Get our support in the number of hours or task-based – but do not avoid the health check-up and monitoring of your Sites with our SharePoint Services. We can assist you in the smooth deployment of new features in the live environment!

Fast, accurate and intuitive information management

Make the most out of SharePoint using the CMS that enable new ways report, secure, store, protect, recover documents and user content.

Managing Information – Real time worry for today’s CIOs?

Every minute each one of us contributes to the growing number of documents in the ecosystem of our business processes. These documents get accumulated in an unstructured manner at various places including SharePoint, file servers, employee hard drives, emails etc. To avoid unnecessary duplications and have a seamless and holistic view of the documents, enterprises need to follow the lifecycle of documents while archiving them safely.

How should enterprises deal with it?

Managing information is the biggest challenge in today’s digital business environment. As new versions of SharePoint are introduced that increase document sharing, organization, search and governance, IT departments face challenge to quickly adopt robust document management systems that enable new ways to report, secure, store, protect, recover documents and user content. Apparently, enterprises look to enhance user adoption and confidence in the platform as well.

How SharePoint can help?

SharePoint CMS makes the information readily available and enables to track the information as it moves throughout your organization. This, in turn, enables users to help themselves in finding the most reliable data with SharePoint CMS as it is discoverable and easily retrievable in SharePoint document libraries. SharePoint provides a robust platform to manage the entire life cycle of a document enabling easy sharing between users, making the search for data within SharePoint document libraries smoother.

Source or SharePoint version control

Source or SharePoint Version control is most needed for effectively managing your documents. You need a secure place to keep your documents. Also, you should be able to lock them while editing to prevent conflicts, and track the changes.

Document libraries

Document library is a repository which allows documents to be managed and versioned. SharePoint document libraries have many other benefits such as customizable views, ability to filter and sort, addition of new columns / metadata, ability to trigger workflows and the ability to customize in many other ways.

SharePoint Workflows

SharePoint workflows streamline content operations and enable alerts to help facilitate the document lifecycle. For instance, you require a manager’s approval before considering content as final or to analyze a yearly marketing plan you create a multi-level flow chart that route documents through various stages of editing and sign-off.

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