Seamlessly plugging external content with LMS

 In Education ISV, Enterprise Services

Amidst numerous technological advancements in this emerging Education industry, each educator tries to enhance teaching and learning. Using high-quality web-based applications for teaching, communicating, and delivering value can drive a new spark in education domain.

Often the high cost of ownership and device-dependency act as a hindrance to providing a learning ambience. Instructors find it difficult to plug-in content from external applications and devices that too without compromising privacy or security of the system.

The need is to make external applications portable and support them with integrated content. The Learning Tool Interoperability functionality deals with these issues and preserves the learning environment. LTI provides a standard mechanism for integrating learning applications (communication tools for chat, virtual classrooms, authoring tools, e-books, e-portfolios, collaboration tools, grading tools, assessment application, etc.) with Learning Management Systems (LMS), Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) and education portals. LTI establishes seamless communication between tool’s provider (external website or content hosts) and tool’s consumers (LMS systems) through LTI launch service or framework, involving various handshaking protocol or security patterns.

Serving software industry for more than a decade with extensive Ed-tech software knowledge, Diaspark is now availing Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) that aims to deliver a single framework for integrating any LMS product with any learning application. Our team enabled LTI compliant LMS to integrate with the same genre of learning tools, making education a better experience.


As an example, Diaspark worked on a Learning Management product with key features like wiki, blog, journal, podcasts, discussion-board and template, to seamlessly connect web-based, externally hosted applications and contents to platforms that are present with user, basically making it LTI compliant. Diaspark made portable links to external applications by defining data elements that can be inserted in IMS Common Cartridges.

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