Seamless Business Continuity and Employees’ Safety Amidst COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause uncertainties globally and it is affecting our daily lives, families, communities and jobs everywhere. In accordance with the preventive measures declared by WHO and government, Diaspark strives to focus on the safety of its employees and communities worldwide while ensuring diligent delivery of service commitments.
We follow a business continuity approach and have a well-defined operational readiness, guided by government advisories in all locations we operate. Our business continuity management stands on a strategic framework to augment business operations and increase corporate resilience at this time of crisis. Our objective is very clear: to support our clients’ business response with minimal disruption, while ensuring safety of our people and staying connected for future market needs.
Responsive Actions During COVID-19

Safe Work Environment

  • Created safe environment by regularly sanitizing our office buildings
  • Issued general hygiene guidelines and safety precautions to ensure safety
  • Closed recreation facilities like Gym
  • Regularized screening of visitors
  • Restricted meetings, employee movements & large gatherings
  • Outlined travel restrictions & limited non-essential travel

Remote Working

  • Enabled remote working of employees globally
  • Shared tips to increase productivity while working from home
  • Availed support from different teams including HR, IT & Admin
  • Enforced compliance processes aligned with current pandemic
  • Issued do’s & don’ts guidelines to ensure data security
  • Ensured confidentiality, data privacy & cyber threats

Customer Commitments

  • Encouraged to communicate, collaborate & coordinate with clients digitally
  • Brought extensive experience of all leaders together & explored business opportunities
  • Established customer oriented plans by various teams
  • Optimized virtual productivity to deliver customer commitments at scale


  • Diaspark is continuously monitoring the on-going situation and following WHO recommendations & Government guidelines in order to ensure the safety & well-being of its employees. Diaspark has defined & implemented several measures like- remote working, restricted travels, issued precautionary guidelines, etc. to establish a safe work environment.
  • Diaspark is committed to provide transparency & awareness. The teams including HR, IT & Admin  are providing continuous support & monitoring the impact globally. Also, we have established rigorous communication with our employees & clients to deliver our commitments on time.
  • Diaspark has actively taken necessary steps  including sanitizing the building, installing hygiene products around office, closure of gym facility, restricting employee movement, large gatherings & non-essential travels. Also, we have enabled work from home for all the employees to ensure their safety & well-being.
  • Diapark’s team has established digital connection with its employees & together generating customer oriented plans which are beneficial for our clients.
  • Diaspark is reaching out to its clients & communicating if, anticipating any unavoidable service disruptions. We are working hard to ensure there will be minimal or no impact to our client deliverables.

Team Diaspark request you to Stay Home Stay Safe – Please follow health guidelines provided by WHO

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