Robotic Process Automation

Harness the power of Robotic Process Automation and
achieve greater business value and growth

Unlock RPA capabilities & reinvent business operating models with innovation

RPA is an emerging business process automation technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) enabling businesses to automate their repetitive tasks without relying on humans & work 24*7 error-free.

Diaspark’s RPA services provide organizations a competitive edge, by integrating it into their operating models & IT management that boosts productivity, reduces processing time & gives back employees’ time. With the techno-agnostic approach, we help businesses bring scalability & flexibility in the business models & engineer processes like capturing the data, interpreting it, triggering responses & communicating with other systems digitally. We provide our end-to-end support from analysing, capturing, integrating to deployment of a result-oriented solution that helps save time, costs, increases accuracy & efficiency.

How Diaspark can help you with RPA?

RPA Consulting & Strategy
We begin with identifying the organization’s specific needs.


We assess the existing operating model on certain parameters & identify processes to automate.

Proof of Concept

We create Proof of Concept & pilot
at scale.


With technology acumen & transformational thinking we provide a solution.

Automation Design, Build & Implementation

With extensive industry experience we deploy RPA in processes and help the client adapt to it.

RPA Realization
& Roadmap

We continuously monitor the performance and ensure workability within the organization.

RPA Management & Support

We continue to provide our post execution support & business continuity plan.

Business Benefits
We help businesses orchestrate business workflows by transforming the business processes that bring higher value & accelerate growth. The RPA does not underly IT infrastructure investments along with a reduction in expenditure on manpower which results in cost-saving.
Ready to get started?

Brings better accuracy, scalability & flexibility to the business

Improves compliance of tasks and reliability with minimal errors

Enhances overall speed
and maximize productivity

Enhances customer experiences with reduced processing time

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