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Our Retail Services

Customer and Business Insights

BI & Visualisation to help retailers make better decisions with data-driven insights

Platform Engineering

Whether you're looking to upgrade your current platform or switch to a new one, we have the skills and experience to guide you through the entire process.

Engineering Efficiency

DevOps and eCommerce Testing services to achieve Faster go-to-market with continuous innovation and seamless experience.


Retailers can shift to cloud-based micro-services, using well-designed architecture, and up-to-date data with replaceable components.

Customer and Business Insights

Our team has been helping retailers make more informed decisions with data-driven actionable insights across all aspects of the retail business, including customer engagement, product merchandising, inventory management, sales, market potential assessment, and gaining a greater understanding of consumers’ behavior. Our areas of specialization include:

1. Data Warehousing: Data collection, cleaning and storage

2. Data Analysis and Reporting

3. Data Visualization

4. Predictive Analytics and Forecasting

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Online store Performance and Health

Sales Performance

Customer Analysis Dashboard

Inventory optimization

Platform Engineering

In the fiercely competitive world of retail e-commerce, our team of experts helps you stand out from the crowd and works with you to tailor and implement the perfect platform for your unique requirements. We have a wealth of experience with these platforms, so we can fine-tune your e-commerce strategy for increased online sales and enhanced customer satisfaction. Our services include:

1. Consulting Expertise

2. Seamless Implementation

3. Reliable Support

4. Smooth Upgrading

5. Efficient Migration

6. Seamless Integration

Engineering Efficiency

DevOps Services

Our team of experts will help accelerate software development and swift deliveries with our DevOps services. They prioritize communication, collaboration, integration, and automation by implementing lean and agile principles throughout the software lifecycle. Our business benefits of DevOps include:

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Enhanced reliability and security
  • Customized technology strategy
  • Augmented team expertise in days
  • Cost efficiency with flexible engagement options

eCommerce Testing Services

In today’s world, as brick-and-mortar stores decline, retailers must establish a strong online presence. Thorough testing, including usability, UX, load, and performance, is vital for effective e-commerce applications. Through which our team ensures peak performance and a seamless shopping experience with e-commerce testing services. Our services include:

  • System Performance and Reliability Testing
  • Web and Mobile UI/UX Testing
  • Analytics, Data, and Backend Testing
  • Social Media and SEO Testing
  • Omni & Multi-channel Functionality Testing


Retailers are transitioning from old, complicated systems to a new and simpler approach called ‘microservices.’ Our team also helps them to focus better and have everything in one place, like product and customer info. This makes running the business easier. They can also change and improve parts of the system easily, like customer service or how they do things. It’s like upgrading to a smarter and more efficient way of doing business!

1. Consistent Experience across channels
2. Simplifying complexities with seamless integrations
3. Flexibly grow and react as desired

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