Transforming retail businesses with digital transformation solutions to stay competitive in the digital age

The rise of e-commerce, omnichannel retail, and changes in customer behavior have all put pressure on retailers to rethink their strategies and adapt to the new normal. However, many retailers are struggling to keep up with these changes and are missing out on opportunities as a result.

As the retail landscape continues to evolve and adapt to the digital age, it's crucial for retailers to stay ahead of the game and make the necessary changes to stay competitive.

We understand your Challenges

Our team of experts can help you transform your technology function and architecture, as well as your operating model, to stay ahead of the game.

With our digital transformation services, you can expect:

An omnichannel customer experience that meets the needs of today’s customers


Smart offerings and lean operations that will boost your performance across the board


Accelerated time to market for digital offerings and doubled internal skills for developing competitive solutions

Every retail business is unique, and we will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and tailor a solution that fits your requirements. Don’t let the challenges of the digital age hold you back—let us help you build a robust tech foundation that will give you the capabilities to boost performance, increase efficiency, and deliver a better customer experience.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you transform your retail business and stay competitive in the digital age.

We offer a range of services, including

Platform Engineering

Whether you're looking to upgrade your current platform or switch to a new one, we have the skills and experience to guide you through the entire process.

Customer and Business Insights

Helping retailers make better decisions with data-driven insights.
Business Intelligence & Visualisation | Customer Data Platform Consulting


Whether you're looking to upgrade your current platform or switch to a new one, we have the skills and experience to guide you through the entire process.

Engineering Efficiency

Faster go-to-market with continuous innovation and seamless experience.
DevOps | eCommerce Testing

Platform Engineering

Retail ecommerce is a competitive business.
That's why we're committed to helping you implement and customize the right platform for your specific needs.
Our team of experts has extensive experience working with these platforms, and can help you optimize your e-commerce strategy to drive online sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Consulting & Advisory

Our consulting and advisory services can help you identify the best platform for your business needs and provide guidance on how to optimize your e-commerce strategy.


We can help you implement your chosen platform, including setting up the infrastructure, integrating with other systems, and customizing the platform to meet your specific needs.

Support & Maintenance

Once your platform is up and running, we can provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that it continues to perform at its best


As e-commerce technology evolves, we can help you upgrade your platform to take advantage of new features and capabilities.


If you’re looking to switch to a different platform, we can help you migrate your existing data and customizations to the new platform.

System Integration Services

To ensure you provide clients with a seamless, fluid experience across all platforms and channels, we help retailers achieve fully integrated and uinified software ecosystem.

No matter what your e-commerce needs are, our team is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed in the digital marketplace.

Technology Expertise

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Customer and Business Insights

Business Intelligence and Visualization for Retail

Diaspark has been helping retailers take more informed decisions with data-driven actionable insights across all aspects of retail business including customer engagement, product merchandising, inventory management, Sales, assessing market potential and
a greater understanding of consumers' behavior.

Our Services


BI Discovery and Consulting

Our team of business intelligence experts assists in developing a tailored data analytics strategy that meets the unique requirements of your retail business.


BI Implementation

Our team is capable of identifying and addressing any existing gaps and is committed to implementing and overseeing enhancements to ensure successful outcomes.

Our Approach

• Need assessment and BI strategy formulation
• Designing a tailored BI solution that meets specific business requirements.
• BI Tool Selection
• Defining KPIs
• Designing – implementation & user adoption plan
• Development and implementation of all components
• QA of created solution
• User Training
• Continued Support and evolution of Data Analytics strategy

CDP for Retail

Improve the customer experience by using a Customer Data Platform (CDP) which is a technology that combines customer relationship management, master data management, and advanced analytics to provide a persistent and unified database for all customer data. With a CDP, retailers can access actionable insights from big data that can inform sales, marketing, customer service and support and ultimately enhance the customer experience across all channels and tailor it to individual customers.
Customer Data Platform brings immense value to e-commerce businesses by improving customer understanding, delivering a seamless and personalized customer experience, increasing customer loyalty, and making data-driven decisions.

Data Sources

How CDP Brings Value?

Unified View

Gather data from various internal and external sources to have a comprehensive view of customers across all channels and touchpoints


Develop highly personalized experiences such as targeted product recommendations, cross-channel marketing campaigns, customer service

Improved Customer Segmentation

Automatically create detailed customer profiles for more specific segmentation and behavioural analysis

Increase Customer Life Time Value

Create memorable experiences that enhance customer satisfaction, increase positive word-of-mouth marketing and encourage repeat business


How a Customer Data Platform (CDP) can Boos Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Tools we use

Our team helps companies utilize CDP platforms to take control of their data in order to build trusted relationships with their customers while putting privacy first.


Microservices can help to Achieve true Omni-channel commerce
  • Consistent Experience across channels
  • Simplifying complexities with seamless integrations
  • Flexibly grow and react as desired.
Retailers are shifting away from monolithic systems that operate in silos, and adopt a cloud-based, “micro-service” approach that allows for more focused attention. A centralized and easily accessible system, where product, customer, and business data is up-to-date, is crucial. By using components that can be easily replaced, you have the ability to enhance various aspects of your business, such as fulfilment, customer service, or operations.
To accomplish this, we utilize cloud-based technology, a well-designed architectural framework, proper automation strategy that relies on DevOps practices and test automation with a comprehensive understanding of how it all operates.

CI/ CD – Automated Delivery Process

By consistent packaging, testing, and deploying microservices in the same way, we can speed up the development of e-commerce applications through a streamlined automated delivery process.

Individual Testing of Microservices and Dependencies

Testing each microservice and its dependencies individually is crucial, as the number of microservices can reach a high number. The utilization of automated testing in this process can significantly speed up the deployment of the e-commerce application.

Automated Deployment of Containerized Microservices

Microservices are packaged in containers and tools such as Docker and Kubernetes assist with simultaneous deployment in various containerized environments through automation. For instance, using a single command in Kubernetes, updates can be applied to a large number of microservices.

Multi-Cloud Approach

In order to optimize cost and minimize the risk of resource overload, it is possible to utilize multiple cloud providers. To effectively manage this, a DevOps team must standardize the administration of multiple clouds, and continuously monitor their availability, performance, and security.

Engineering Efficiency


Our DevOps services accelerates software development and swift deliveries. By implementing lean and agile principles throughout the software lifecycle, we prioritize communication, collaboration, integration, and automation to significantly boost operational performance.

Business Benefits of DevOps


Reduced Failures And Rollbacks


Fast Solutions


Improved Performance


Improved Customer Experience


Increased Effeciency


Faster ROI


Continuous Improvement

eCommerce Testing Services

In today's world, more and more individuals are abandoning traditional brick and mortar stores, making it essential for retailers to establish an online presence in order to remain viable. However, to ensure that an online store functions effectively, it must be thoroughly tested in a variety of areas, including usability, UX, load, and performance.
To guarantee that an e-commerce application, website, or mobile website is operating at peak performance, e-commerce testing services are employed. This testing is crucial in ensuring that consumers enjoy a seamless shopping experience without encountering any performance problems.

End to End Ecommerce Functionality

System Performance Scalability and Reliability Testing

Content and Content Management Validation

Mobile Commerce, Multi-Device, Browser Compatibility Testing

Web and Mobile- UI, Usability, Accessibility Testing

Omni & Multi-channel Functionality and Integration Testing

Integration (OMS, Payment, CRM, ETC)

Analytics, Data, Backend Testing

Regression Test Automation

Social Media and SEO Testing

Gain a competitive edge with our e-commerce experts

• Accelerate go-to-market
• Ensure reliability and security across platforms
• Get a clear step-by-step technology strategy tailored to your business

• Fill the gaps in your development team’s expertise
• Augment your team with needed skills in days instead of several months
• Achieve top cost efficiency with our flexible engagement options

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