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Custombuilt for Suppliers

CustomBuilt is a fully integrated business management system. Engineered specifically for suppliers, CustomBuilt reduces cost by streamlining business processes and eliminating the need for manual data entry. The software allows suppliers to automate workflows thereby exponentially increasing order fulfilment rates and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The CustomBuilt system provides an integrated workflow environment that makes it easy to track and share activities. Users get an inbox screen to view and edit relevant tasks allowing faster picking and completion of activities.

CustomBuilt for Suppliers is integrated with PromoStandards and is live with the following PromoStandards services:

  • Inventory
  • Product Media
  • Order Shipment Notification
  • Order Status
  • Product Data
  • Product Pricing & Configuration
Order Tracking and Management

Manual and erroneous order entry is a thing of the past with CutomBuilt’s order management solution. Integrated tightly with the CustomBuilt CRM, the order management tool allows suppliers to manage and track orders and sales.

Create an order from a new customer PO in a few simple steps. Order screens specific to the type of order such as Pre-Production, Standard, Repeat, Virtual and Sample orders make order entry a hassle-free process.

Never miss a ship date or pull your hair because of missing artwork. CustomBuilt handles all exception scenarios and mitigates any risk associated with delay or failure of order fulfilment.

Reference the order number at any stage to access order status and other details. Track the order through all stages of order fulfilment, check order status when required, and manage multiple orders from the easily accessible and user-friendly order dashboard.

Integration with ASI retrieves credit information preventing sales orders from being fulfilled for accounts on hold.

The system automatically generates an estimated quotation by calculating the order price based on the item and services selected. A password protected editing feature has been added to update order pricing under special circumstances.

Credit Card Processing

CustomBuilt allows suppliers to add and manage multiple payment profiles for a customer and streamline payment process within a secure medium.

The system integrates with to create a secure and smooth payment experience. No sensitive information such as credit card details is stored by the system so your customers are assured of the safety of transactions processed.

The CustomBuilt system initiates a transaction only when an invoice is raised, i.e., when the order is shipped.


All shipping information is captured and recorded by the CustomBuilt system. From direct drop-shipping to using major third-party shippers, CustomBuilt provides complete control over shipment process with automated bill of lading and packing slip generation. It also allows you to be Prop65 compliant by generating and printing warning labels with harmful effects of hazardous chemicals contained in certain items.

Save costs on shipping software by leveraging CustomBuilt’s built-in integration with FedEx®, UPS®, and USPS® Endicia™. Print shipping labels for single orders as well as batch orders. Manage shipments to multiple locations in a single order and let your customers have critical tracking shipping information available at the click of a button.

Configure package types based on weight or dimensions and CustomBuilt automatically calculates the type and number of packages that will be required to ship an order. Consequently, an estimate of the shipping amount is also calculated by the system so that you can account for it in your cash flow statements in real-time.

Artwork Proofing

With CustomBuilt, you can get feedback, revisions, and approvals for your artwork, all in one place. Get clear feedback on artwork and automate the approval process with CustomBuilt’s artwork proofing solution. Prevent erroneous orders from going into production with multi-step approval, internally as well as from the customer.

Upload customer artwork for your artwork design team and share the final version and virtual proof of the finished product with the customer.

Keep your customer informed throughout the process with email notifications. Customers simply access the order from the customer portal, seamlessly communicating with you and accepting or rejecting the virtual proof.

Bill of Materials

Configure the item of your choice. Whether your inventory consists of hand sanitizers in various shapes or fleece blankets in a range of colors, CustomBuilt lets you configure the items to the last molecule.

The ‘item setup’ solution lets you define the components that make up the item and are included in the item price. It also lets you define optional components that can be added as accessories to the original item. Associating charges with item attributes and values automates pricing.

Inventory Control & Warehouse Management

CustomBuilt Inventory includes major tools to control all of your product offerings and know the real-time status of each offering. Items are defined by an Item Number, Item Category, Universal Product Code (UPC), name, description, multi-level pricing, and multiple warehouses.  Transfer & track inventory items in real-time at any location and stage like Warehouse, Aisle, Rack, etc.
Post your inventory on ASI with CustomBuilt-ASI integration and let your customers know your offerings. CustomBuilt tracks all inventory stock metrics: On-Hand, On-Order, Backordered, and Available. You can place orders with vendors to satisfy customer orders, backorders, and stock levels. Shipping information, including package dimensions, weight, shipping charges, and handling fees, can be optionally entered.

Tier-based Pricing

With CustomBuilt’s tier-based pricing model, you can define item prices based on quantity. Customers are charged based on the quantity of items ordered. You can also define discount levels and production days for different tiers. This allows the software to perform an accurate estimation of the total price and shipment date for the item.

The tier-based pricing solution in CustomBuilt comes with the option to categorize an item as eligible for EQP (End Quantity Pricing) and NQP (Next Quantity Pricing). While configurable on the item itself, the pricing can also be configured at a customer level in the CustomBuilt system using the Customer Specific Pricing option. Create a group of customers that are offred the same pricing with the software’s Buying Group Pricing feature.

The system also allows configuration of general as well as customer specific discounts through the Discount Coupon Master.

Inventory Reports

Generate comprehensive inventory reports to analyze supply versus demand patterns and maximize profitability. Customizable reports help you manage & track inventory at multiple locations and monitor performances at all levels.

Production Tracking

Never miss a step again while fulfilling complex or high quantity orders. CustomBuilt’s production tracking solution lets you handle everything that happens on the shop floor. From in-house to outsourced production, manage your order at any and every stage of the production process.

With workflows defined specifically for promotional suppliers for different types of printing such as Decal, Direct, Sublimation, Embroidery, and Laser printing, you can ensure that the order is forwarded to the correct next stage. All orders end up in a production workbag where they can be batched together or picked up individually. Subsequently, the orders are sent for printing by leveraging the software’s integration with printers such as Indigo, Mimaki, sublimation printers and many more.

Activity Management

A detailed account of each activity allows you to optimize your workflows and improve efficiency. Generate activity reports and use them to plan your production better. Analyze your supply chain, identify bottlenecks, realign resources and see your order fulfilment rates rise in no time.

Purchase Orders

CustomBuilt’s Purchasing solution streamlines the way you procure inventory. Place orders with your vendors in a few quick steps to stock up your inventory or immediately fulfil an open sales order. Manage cancellations, invoices, shipping, and payment by simply navigating to an open purchase order.

View purchase history based on item or vendor by leveraging the integration of the Purchasing module with CustomBuilt’s Vendor Hub.

Vendor Hub

CustomBuilt’s Vendor Hub is tightly integrated with the purchasing solution making procurement and vendor management easy as pie for the user. Pay bills, create purchase orders, view purchase history with a vendor, and edit vendor information all from a single dashboard.

Your vendors can easily communicate with CustomBuilt by simply logging into the Vendor Portal. From acknowledgement of an order by a vendor to shipping of the order to you, CustomBuilt’s vendor hub and vendor portal keep you apprised of the order status.

Vendor Shipping Inbox

Manage incoming orders from vendors from the vendor shipping inbox. CustomBuilt provides you the ease with which to acknowledge orders shipped by your vendors. Confirm the number of items received in the job bag with the click of a button. Select orders and view/print associated purchase orders, packaging slips, artwork, production files, etc.

Sales Commissions

CustomBuilt gives you the capability to configure sales commissions and perform robust sales commissions calculations based on multiple factors like Territory, Items, Customer Category, and many more.
A flexible and user friendly dashboard provides easy access to compensation data, calculated in real time. The sales commission module also seamlessly integrates with your Accounting software.

Reports & Dashboards

Generate comprehensive and insightful reports to analyze your business performance. From order entry to damage quantity, CustomBuilt reports provides all the information you need to improve the efficiency of your operations.

CustomBuilt also has built-in dashboards to simplify your experience and improve task accessibility by providing relevant information at a glance. Our customers often use the dashboards to jump to their activity of choice, reducing time spent in navigating through various screens of the software.

Customer Information

The CustomBuilt CRM is integrated with the Order Managemet, Sales, Inventory, Pricing, Sales Commissions, and Accounting solutions so that your customer is at the center of all your operations.

Create and manage your portfolio of customers to deliver quality customer experience faster than your competition. The comprehensive solution allows you to record customer details such shipping, payment profiles, customer portal login details, artwork FTP details, etc. You can also record industry affiliate details of PPAI, ASI, SAGE, UPIC, and DC to streamline your order processing and artwork proofing.

Customer Task

Automate customer tasks with order creation and build regular touchpoints with follow-up and activities on every interaction. Task hub enables suppliers to view list of all open tasks required for follow-up or status updates within the due date and time.

Campaign Management

Drive your marketing and business development campaigns with the CustomBuilt CRM integrated campaign manager. Market to your target audience and drive up your revenues. The CustomBuilt CRM allows you to prepare list for campaigns from a number of categories and filters from the customer data in the system.

Bolster Sales
Improve customer satisfaction
Fasten Order Processing
Custombuilt for Distributors

Receiving a purchase order from a customer is only half the battle. The real challenge begins after the order has been placed. Which supplier has the required inventory? Is their price point acceptable to you? Will they use the correct artwork? How will you ensure that the order is processed on time? CustomBuilt – a PromoStandards integrated ERP system for distributors is your answer to all these questions.

Efficiently manage orders, gain control over your operations and boost sales. Peek into the supply chain of your vendors and communicate with them with just a few clicks. CustomBuilt’s PromoStandards integration lets you configure suppliers and get access to their information from inventory to shipping. Automate product search, price check, order management, artwork proofing, and shipping.

Web Service Details

Open the gateway into the world of suppliers and readily access supplier information to place orders faster. Setup suppliers that you work with. Consume the results of the PromoStandards web service into the CustomBuilt system by configuring the service endpoint URLs and login credentials for each supplier.

Artwork Details

CustomBuilt allows you to provide feedback, revisions, and approvals for artwork that will be used by a supplier to fulfil an order. Easily transfer and receive artwork to and from suppliers by setting up an encrypted FTP server.

Payment Terms

Sit back, relax, and stop worrying about payable and receivable accounts. CustomBuilt allows you define payment terms for suppliers as well as for your customers automating the accounting process. Whether it is cash on delivery or a 120 day credit term, CustomBuilt can handle a range of scenarios based on your agreement with a customer or vendor.

Product Search

Product search has never been easier. Learn about all the products that a supplier carries by leveraging CustomBuilt’s integration with PromoStandards Inventory service. Choose a product and check its inventory status with the click of a button. Get product ID, description, color, and available quantity at a glance. CustomBuilt also retrieves lead time information for products so you can place orders well in advance.

Product Configuration and Price Check

Get the best price for a product with CustomBuilt’s price check feature integrated with the PromoStandards Product Pricing and Configuration service. Select an item from a variety of configurations offered by a supplier and check the price specific to you. View details such as minimum order quantity, FOB location, and tier-based pricing before you place an order.

Order Shipment Notification

Shipping goods to customers on time is the final and most crucial piece of your business. Get notified when an order is shipped to you or your customer. CustomBuilt leverages the Order Shipment Notification service by PromoStandards to alert you when an order is in transit. The system provides you with the date, method, and carrier of the shipment so a package is never lost. You will also be able to track the shipment using the tracking number. Share this with your customer so they know the exact status of their order.

Purchase Orders

Create a new order for a supplier in a few easy steps. CustomBuilt’s robust order configuration feature allows you to replicate your customer’s order digitally. From defining shipment information for the order to configuring line items for an order with multiple products or product configurations, CustomBuilt captures all the order information so you never have to email a supplier with an order.

The system also allows you to setup an email or utilise a webservice to receive digital proof of pre-production artwork.


CustomBuilt can handle orders with multiple line items for various products or quantities and allows you to define locations for multiple part shipments in a single order. Simplify operations by adding third party accounts and freight details.

Order Status

CustomBuilt is tightly integrated with the PromoStandards Order Status service and provides you with a snapshot of the order.  Get information about the order status, expected ship date, and expected delivery date by simply selecting a vendor and searching by PO or SO number.

Supplier Communication

Communicate with suppliers by logging into the customer portal. Check order status, get shipment information, approve or reject artwork all in one place. Review quotes and invoices and place orders or make payments with a few simple clicks.

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