Promoflow ERP

ERP for Promotional Industry Suppliers
400% Increase in Order Fulfillment

Improve productivity with Promoflow by streamlining workflows and shipping orders on time to ensure customer satisfaction
Promoflow is fully-integrated promotional products software managing all business functions with complete control over supply chain management. Specifically designed for suppliers, Promoflow integrates with PromoStandards, ASI, and SAGE and keeps you at pace in a rapidly changing industry.
15% YoY Growth in Revenue
450+ Orders Processed Daily
18% Reduction in Cost
Order Creation

Comprehensive order management workflow for multiple order types to record order details and process items for artwork proofing. Define options and separate workflows for imprint type, coloring and flavour options for production. Track status of orders at every stage from Sales order to Invoicing.

Artwork Proofing

Automate artwork proofing process for quality checks and customer approvals. Artwork inbox automates customer proof approval thus, putting the Order in production. Define artwork proofing stages for quality checks and customer responses, to acknowledge and process orders easily.

Sales Commissions

Enable robust sales commissions calculations based on multiple factors like Items, Category, Order, Value, State, etc.


Generate extensive reports based on business operations to track orders, monitor sales performances and summarize net sales for variable time periods.

Inventory Transfer

Automate inventory management and eliminate manual errors complete visibility into inventory management and tracking. Transfer inventory items at any location and track every stage in real-time. Easy access to inventory based on different stages like Warehouse, Aisle, Rack, etc.

Inventory Control

Define tier-based pricing with attributes for diversified order management process. Get complete item details allowing users to view order activities, open orders and aging details. Enable a simplified and granular look into inventory by defining Bill of Materials (BOM) details based on various attributes and values.

Inventory Reports

Generate comprehensive inventory reports to analyze supply versus demand pattern and maximize profitability. Customizable reports helps suppliers manage & track inventory at multiple locations, and monitor performances at all levels.

Production Workflows

Simplify production process for different imprint types full-color processing/Pad/Direct/Embroidery/Sublimation/Laser Itching. Unique workflows for in-house and outsourced production to ship job bags with the help of integrated shipping carriers.

Imprint Methods

Define unique options to printing methods on every imprint type, feature artwork on items to view final artworks and print job bags for production. Quick integrations with various machines like Indigo, Mimaki, and Sublimation Printer etc.

Production Reports

Get comprehensive & granular view of multiple orders types in production at different stages with production plan sheet. Access to production tracking allows users to track orders status with subsequent activities at every stage of the production.

Purchase Orders

Gain complete control over order purchasing with track of every order from purchasing till invoicing. Create purchase orders with payment terms to ship with integrated shipping carriers and track stages of the order.

Module Integrations

Set purchase item and categories to simplify artwork proofing workflow. Module integration with inventory & shipping allows swift mechanism of received purchase orders in inventory.

Order Register

Fetch back dated orders to get a comprehensive report of all orders processed during the searched time period.

Vendor Portal Inbox

Streamline vendor communication process for efficient tracking of every order. Allow vendors to display the list for all shipped and pending orders with timelines on a single platform. Consequently, enable vendors to acknowledge orders with final artwork and process production.

Vendor Production

Get better control over orders once ready to ship from production by empowering vendors to generate pick orders, generate packing slip and order images before shipping jobs. Shipping facility allows vendors to print shipping labels with multiple shipping carriers.

Vendor Shipping Inbox

Segmented order listings at different stages for vendors to simplify listings and take necessary actions with single click.

Shipping Inbox

Acknowledge incoming orders from vendors with a single click to confirm quantity of shipped items in the jobs bag. Quick orders selection with quick actions to access/print package slips, artwork, production file, images etc.

Shipping Integrations

Integrations with leading shipping carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS and Endicia allows hassle-free item shipping across the world.

User Role

Empower and define users with definite roles and permissions to avoid any data violation. Protect module access with passwords to confirm the actions at any point. Get email alerts of critical events with activity logs to avoid any error.

Secured Payments enables secured payment processing in a secured environment. The encrypted platform across the system to avoid any privacy breach or data loss.

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