Promostandards: The Digital Language Of Promotional Products Industry

What is Promostandards?

Promostandards are a set of open guidelines that standardize how data is communicated in the promotional products industry. For the most part, distributors have eased the process of doing business with customers by implementing technology. However, there is still friction when it comes to exchange of electronic data between suppliers and distributors. Promostandards aims to streamline business processes and improve supply chain efficiency by allowing the promotional products industry to communicate electronically in a common language.

“More than 80% of the Top 40 suppliers have integrated with Promostandards”

The standards allow seamless and real-time communication between computer systems of suppliers and distributors.

Distributors can get information regarding the following:

  1. Inventory
  2. Order Status
  3. Order Shipment
  4. Product Data
  5. Product Media
  6. Product Pricing and Configuration
  7. Purchase Orders
  8. Invoice

This allows distributors and suppliers to improve customer experience and reduce transactional friction through effective execution of their digital strategy.

“Adoption of Promostandards has doubled in the last 4 years”


Why integrate with Promostandards?

If you’re a supplier, Promostandards lets you model your data and provide access to it using APIs. From product description to shipping information, suppliers can make all information available to distributors simply by providing them with a few links and login credentials.

If you’re a distributor, Promostandards equips you with the ability to consume the data that suppliers have provided access to. Get information on everything from inventory to order status by simply connecting with suppliers through the Promostandards APIs.

Diaspark’s business management software for suppliers and distributors are among the trusted promotional products software. They make integration with Promostandards seamless and hassle-free, allowing users to generate reports and leverage dashboard capabilities to improve sales and increase order fulfillment. To learn more about these products, visit Diaspark’s website.

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