The product offered by the client is a cloud-based tool for business intelligence, tailored for the retail sector. Its purpose is to facilitate collaboration between retailers and their suppliers, utilizing point of sales scan data, while remaining user-friendly.

Create a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that offers BI and Analytics capabilities for retail supply chain management. The goal is to assist important stakeholders in making informed business decisions that will help balance the demand and supply of various retail items.
Finally, the platform should have robust application-level security and be tuned for optimal performance.
The platform should have an architecture that supports multi-tenancy, as well as multiple file formats and data formats from different retailers.
To address any source system issues, the platform should include pre-validation and post-validation checks on the data.
Tech Stack
Microsoft Analysis Services
Microsoft Analysis Services
Microsoft SSRS
MS Net Framework
Microsoft SSIS
The complete product development lifecycle, from inception to execution, was carried out with consideration to the following features.
Development of a SaaS-based BI and analytics application
Statistical and geo-analytics for planners and business analysts
Drill-down and drill-through reports for advanced users
Dashboards and minis for high-level views accessible to top management
An optimal combination of configuration, security, genericity, and scalability
Canned reports for standard users
Ad-hoc querying and reporting for analysts and planners
Post-deployment support provided to 80+ customers, along with continuous improvement & addition of new functionalities.
Higher sell-through and lower instances of stockouts
Granular business visibility at store and SKU level
Improvement of transparency and alignment of supply chain objectives
Increased utilization of internal resources
Streamlined processes and operational efficiency gains
High cost-benefit from offshore support and development
Over 100 tenants on the product.
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