Case Study-

Innovation through intelligent customer experience management

The Client

The client is a restaurant equipment parts distributor for local service companies. They launched the industry’s first mobile app & designed online tools to research & purchase parts with ease. The client has been named in “Inc 5000” & Crain’s “Fast 50” list of fastest growing private companies.

The Business Situation

The client required a real-time customer support service to enhance its current customer experience management. They sought an approach to drastically increase their response mechanism for customer inquiries and a solution to resolve issues of future volume pertaining to technical issues.


The client engaged Diaspark to build an innovative pilot program by using cognitive technologies. We helped the client by developing a system that allows customers to enter their queries in free or short text in their natural language about the issues in the equipment and return the relevant information as output.

Key Functionalities
  • Automated Predictive Analytics enable the system to recognize keywords, phrases, and nuances of customer vocabularies and context of problem statement entered by customer
  • Entity Extraction enabling information extraction in corpus of knowledge on which the API is built and exactly recognize what the customer is really looking for.
  • Chatbot Implementation to streamline and accelerate the query resolution for the client with personalized responses.
Benefits To The Client
  • Increased competitive advantage with quicker resolution to customer issues
  • Increased customers’ satisfaction and retention with improved customer services
  • 24/7 availability to answer any customer query
  • Improved business outcomes leading to increased sales and higher revenue