Automated Repetitive & Manual Tasks and Augmented Order Processing with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The Client

The client is a leading & cutting edge supplier of personal care products, drinkware & more in the promotional products industry. They design, develop and supply best quality & variety of products including mugs, clocks, dental & pet supplies which are unique & can be customized as per the customers’ requirements.

The Business Challenge

Every day, the client receives bulk purchase orders from their customers through emails in an unstructured & non-defined pdf format. These orders had to be processed manually by the operating team under a very tight timeline. The data received had to be fed into their ERP systems for the processing which was time consuming and required greater attention to avoid any errors.


  • A bigger team was required to operate manually the bulk orders within a short span of time coming in different formats
  • High volume of order with 700+ orders received every day for processing
  • Lack of standardization in formats of purchase orders lead to non-usage of EDI tools throughout the industry
  • Outsourcing tasks to operating teams incurred huge investments along with opportunity cost involved with resources indulged in manual tasks

Diaspark’s experts joined the hands with the client and delve into assessing the current scenario & investigating the customer information flow throughout their business operating model. After thorough analysis, we identified that the processes are tedious in nature & indulge large base of operators which qualifies for improvement.

We suggested the client to implement the RPA technology into their business model where automation can replace least interested & mundane tasks by machines. The transformation orchestrated their business workflows & helped them in achieving operational efficiency with maximized productivity.

Key Functionalities
  • Identified tasks which are repetitive & mundane in nature
  • Formulated a plan to integrate the automation into their existing business systems in non-intrusive way
  • Implemented unattended order processing robots with capabilities to process various purchase orders received from customers in different templates
  • Devised flag raising mechanism to trigger any manual intervention requirements
  • Provided support throughout the implementation & post-execution
RPA ss 1
RPA ss 2
RPA ss 3
Technologies Used
  • RPA Tool: UiPath Community Edition, Orchestrator, Robot
  • OCR: Microsoft Azure OCR
Business Outcomes
  • Exponentially reduced team size of manual data operators from 40 to 5
  • Significant increase in overall order processing time with faster purchase order cycle by 25%
  • Deployed human staff to focus on high-value strategic tasks
  • Enhanced customer experiences by delivering with speed, accuracy & efficiency
  • Reduced purchase order creation time resulted into achieving 3 days order processing time
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