Jewelry POS Integrated Software – Winning combination for jewelry retail
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The success of jewelry retail depends on various factors, one of the most critical is the technology-driven platform to manage customer engagements, inventory control, and sales optimization.
The software solution designed specifically for jeweler’s increases efficiency and productivity with the following functions to achieve a winning combination for jewelry multi-store retail.

Customer EngagementsAn integrated solution maintains all data at a unified location leveraging better customer engagements at point of sale. When a customer walks-in at the store it is important to capture data and automate actions followed by sales. The real-time sync enabled CRM-POS to empower business in driving customer-related actions including:

  • Customer Details
  • Wishlists & Hold
  • Purchase Occasions
  • Finger Size
  • Order Status
  • Payment Dues

Point of Sale (POS): The face of retail allowing you streamline jewelry business process must be specifically designed for the jewelry business. Having jewelry-specific function empowers you to offer unified experience at multi-store and gain an advantage with managing custom orders, repair, offer appraisal, layaways, and control every aspect of back-office operations. Some important functions in jewelry POS include:

  • Custom Order
  • Layaway
  • Gift Certificate
  • Appraisal
  • Sales Commission Split
  • Inventory Search
  • Sales Performance
  • Finalize Payments

Real-time Inventory Management: Controlling inventory at multi-store locations and streamline location transfer process is a challenging task for jewelry businesses. Software for jewelry retail enables recording and tracking granular attributes of every jewelry and watch item to track production and gain complete control over merchandising. These important functions add power to inventory management in retail.

  • Style Setup
  • Order Management
  • Workbag Tracking
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Production Control
  • Reports

Mobile Apps: Successful customer engagements with luxury experience help salespersons drive sales and grow retentions. The iPad M-POS app designed for jewelry retail manages all necessary functions to be in retail

  • Customer Info
  • Inventory Lookup
  • Order tracking
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Payment History

CRM: The effective platform enabling salespersons to drive engagements and offer up-selling of jewelry products and services certainly helps businesses achieve their business goals. CRM integrated with jewelry retail software allows complete control over:

  • Customer Orders
  • E-Mail Notifications
  • Order Alerts
  • Auto Creation of Tasks
  • Activity & Follow-up
  • Campaigns

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