Diaspark Vendor Portal

A web interface for your suppliers to deal and negotiate orders smoothly

Make effective communication with vendors to streamline the production process

It tightly integrates with your vendors and improves visibility into production processes and planned timelines. It gives vendors transparency to every activity along with the ability to manage the complete lifecycle of every issued purchase order.
Vendor Communication
  • Improved Vendor-Client communication with updated information on production status for better decision making.
  • Full control over production to effectively meet timelines with alerts on critical activities.
Purchase Order Workflow
  • Get complete detail of pending tasks by an individual user for better workflow system in smooth production of the jewelry.
  • All activities done in the orders are accessible to vendor-client i.e acknowledge orders, along with their price and ship dates.
Supply Chain Visibility
  • Monitor and track status of diamonds & stones supplied by the vendor to acknowledge orders received at your end.
  • Gain better control with diamond & stone reconciliation to track entire transactions of inventory.
Eliminate Errors
  • Controls purchase orders with vital information like vendor, item name, price, shipping date, etc.
  • Effective communication on Vendor Portal saves time and eliminates errors and records every transaction without emails.
Production Tracking
  • Gain full control over production on pending to fulfill orders quickly.
  • Get system generated notes to track any changes to the order by either parties.
Competitive Advantage
  • Gain full control over production on pending to fulfill orders quickly.
  • Get system generated notes to track any changes to the order by either parties.


PO Inbox

Send order to vendor’s inbox for acknowledgment with complete details of orders with a suggested shipping date.

PO Inbox Acceptance

Accept/Reject suggested price or ship date acknowledged from vendors for orders to get processed.

Diamond PO Inbox

Display complete requirement specification of diamonds to vendors in an order with a suggested shipping date

Diamond Order Acceptance

List all acknowledged diamond orders with crucial information required for decision making.

Purchase Order Management

Instantly view complete details of each order with item price, specification and shipping detail.

Packing Slip & Purchase Invoice

Generate invoices based on packing slips with all the specifications of orders and vendor details.

Create Styles (for samples)

Import sample styles from ERP and recalculate pricing along with diamonds, casting details & labor charges.

Diamond Transaction

Used by Jewelry Vendors to update diamond status received, used or returned back, once the shipment is received by them.

Diamond Tracking

Monitor individual diamonds through detailed reporting on Pending/Open Orders, PO Register, Cancelled Orders.

Production Tracking

Get the current Production stage- required, received or used diamond details through Purchase orders.


Enhanced security with role-based user access to the respective data and transactions. Customizable on requirements.

Diamond Reconciliation

View and track diamonds shipped/received/used or returned by Company and Jewelry Vendors.


Monitor Orders through detailed reporting on Pending Orders, Open Orders, PO Register, etc.

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