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Never lose touch with your business



Speed up checkouts, engage customers, optimize stocks, and sell-on-the-go with Diaspark’s Mobile Apps. Whether you’re behind the counter or on-the-road, Diaspark Jewelry Mobile Apps work seamlessly, both online and offline, so you’re never out of touch. Manage inventory in your palms, enable quicker checkouts, and build unparalleled relationships with customers in a few taps and swipes. Go beyond sales and improve every aspect of your business with Diaspark Mobile Apps that are truly designed to make your business grow. Are you ready to mobilize for your success?


Take your ordering online

Empower sales representatives to sell more with Order Entry App. Show products in a stunning e-catalog with up-to-date product information to impress customers. Make the experience further seamless by navigating sales both online and offline, which can be later synced to the device.


Speed up sales with an organized home screen that works seamlessly online, at a trade show, and offline. Tap into product catalogs, on-hand items, inventory, or straight to checkout with maximum ease.


Showcase products in an impressive e-catalog. Choose a category or sub-category to show retailers what they want to see. Customize individual experiences with product lists, pricing, and promotions, to build a long-standing reputation with customers.

On-hand Items

Never lose out on sales with access to real-time information about items available with wholesalers that can be shipped immediately to the store.


Make all items available to customers including the ones currently not in stock. Take special order requests along with the desired quantity, cost, and other relevant details of the product quicker than ever.


Empower sales reps to create a trusting relationship with retailers by providing jewelry on a memo. Whether you’re online, on-the-go, or in the store, easily create a memo on the app to build retailers’ confidence and to increase sales.

Recent Search

Jump back to the last few searches in case you need to. With this in-built feature, you can reduce the hassle of searching the last few items and find them under this tab.

Product Search

Filter out a category and sub-category to show customers what they exactly need to see.

Product Details

Get a holistic overview of products with item number, type of collection, retail price, metal, color, order quantity, stock quantity, and total amount along with a high-resolution image to complete an entry.

Special Order

Record a special order request for items currently not in stock. Enter the details such as style, weight, quantity, size, stock price, unit price, and total amount along with a sharp image for absolute clarity.


Add items to cart along with relevant details such as order number, order type, purchase order, shipping date, customer’s email, and shipping address. Allow customers to put these items on hold or make a purchase depending on their requirements.


Get an overall analysis of customers from their recent orders, transferred orders, customers’ info, open order request, and sales report. View top customers and their preferences to customize experiences more suited to them.

Line Sheet

Curate bulk orders for an event or a trade show on this screen. Embrace clear, sharp images along with relevant product details to make navigation flawless. Fasten the checkout process with one-click ordering to convert more people and drive more sales.


Keep selling whether you’re online, at a trade show, or offline. Sync the orders including the images, inventory levels, and other relevant details once the internet is back on. Don’t let anything keep you from selling.

Never lose another sale

Equip retailers to seize every opportunity that walks through the door. Meet every special order with the intuitive app that makes customization effortless with instant price estimates and other customization options for buyers to choose from. No more losing out on potential sales. No more losing out to competitors. With build.design, every special demand could be met instantly.

Style Selection

Scroll through various styles for customers to have their favorite pick. With this feature, it’s easy to jump on a specific style a customer would like to see without wasting time.

SKU Selection

Make customization an instant possibility for customers. Let customers choose from various designs with real-time price estimates and other information reflected next to the product to make a quick decision.

Metal Customization

Swipe through various possibilities of customization such as metal type, size, and color as per customer’s demands. Delight customers with a wide array of metal selection for customizing their jewelry.

Stone Customization

Nail every aspect of a customized order including stone customization which includes center stone size, center stone shape, and gem type to fulfill diverse customers’ needs.

Custom Orders

Re-design the shopping experience by allowing customers to place a custom order with a real-time price estimate and other information available to them for immediate purchase.

Turn a visitor into a regular shopper

Equip sales associates to create long-standing relationships with customers using Diaspark CRM. Access customers’ information such as transactions, references, wishlists, inventory, partner’s information, special occasions, and orders, to deliver a best-in-class personalized experience. Create targeted marketing campaigns for discounts, special occasions, etc. to stay connected with customers, and to build a loyal following over time.


Make your life easier with all customer-related updates in one place. Get instant notifications about customers’ orders, special occasions, salesperson’s performance, and transactions to stay updated.


Keep track of customers’ transactions such as orders, purchases, wishlist, and repair orders in a few taps. Curate personalized experiences based on customers’ preferences to attract potential customers.


Extend personal support to customers with instant access to their information. Quickly look into customers, spousal information, transactions, and calendar alerts including follow-ups, meetings, and special occasions, to keep up-to-date with the orders.


Catalog inventory with in-depth details such as item type, store, brand, vendor, department, category, and price range. Monitor orders at each stage with absolute efficiency to be on top of customers’ demands.


Make data-driven decisions with real-time tracking of sales, salespersons’ performance, after-sales tracking, and marketing activities. Leverage the power of data to create customized experiences and to drive more sales to the business.

Live Chat

Sell to anyone, anywhere. Answer customers’ queries with the live chat feature and facilitate online sales or in-store appointments. With a one-click inventory search, enable faster checkouts to serve customers more efficiently than before.

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