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Simplify sales with Diaspark POS integrated with the Back Office ERP


Quick, intuitive, and flexible, Diaspark Retail is your partner in retail success. An all-encompassing POS and retail management software, Diaspark Retail unlocks powerful functionalities for single and multi-store jewelry businesses to operate flawlessly. From speedy transactions, robust inventory management and personalization of customers’ preferences, to sales performances, authorized payment integrations and more, our jewelry retail POS software does it all. What’s more? It’s available on the cloud and on-premise.

Jewelry Retail Software POS - Diaspark

More than a sales tool

Streamline day-to-day business operations with Diaspark POS software that processes transactions at the speed of light. Designed to power single and multi-chain retail stores, the jewelry POS system takes care of everything from sales to inventory management, orders, payments, and real-time analytics. Effortlessly build your customer database and personalize customers’ experiences to convert more leads into sales.


Your customers fly right to the checkout. Easily set up multiple registers, discounts, promotions, taxes, and surcharges, and integrate with secure payment methods to get started.


Track orders through various stages of the repair process with our jewelry store POS. Quickly enter details of repair orders – re-sizing, remaking, polishing, and custom services, at the click of a button.


Let customers personalize their orders similar to other designs and jewelry. This in-built feature records in-depth information about custom orders to serve customers exactly what they want.


Dazzle customers by letting them personalize orders from an available design. Our jewelry store POS software pins down extensive details of the order: item type, style, category, description, and other requirements, to serve customers effectively


Give customers the flexibility to put their favorite items on layaway and pay off the balance over time. The POS software makes the transaction easy, fast, and reliable while attracting more customers for potential sales.


Provide the hallmark of excellence with each purchase in the form of appraisal letters. The POS software quickly determines the value of jewelry and generates an appraisal report, which is customizable according to a transaction.


Record multiple types of payments against orders with jewelry POS software. The integration supports a variety of payment methods for efficient sales and faster checkout.


Let customers save their favorite products which they can revisit later to purchase. Take note of their preferences and customize their shopping experiences accordingly.


Seamlessly build a customer directory that manages and tracks customers’ information in one place. Retrieve customers’ transactions, preferences, payments, and other information to gain valuable insights in a few clicks.


No one likes it when a customer cancels an order. But customers love the ease of canceling one. With our POS system for jewelry stores, you can void transactions quickly, and reimburse a customer in their desired form of payment.


No one likes it when a customer cancels an order. But customers love the ease of canceling one. With our POS system for jewelry stores, you can void transactions quickly, and reimburse a customer in their desired form of payment.

Run a business smoothly

Have a sharp grip on the back-office workflow and processes with Diaspark Back Office. Powerfully integrated with the jewelry POS system, our software tracks and manages all activities – production, purchase, orders, merchandising, accounting, sales, and inventory management, with absolute ease.


Simplify the purchasing process at each step. Effortlessly flow between placing an order, checking the status of the order, and drawing a purchase memo or invoice. The jewelry software centralizes all purchase-related transactions that can be viewed, tracked, and managed in a couple of clicks.


Optimize inventory, reduce costs. Flawlessly manage stock across warehouses, stores, and vendors with the best jewelry inventory software. Streamline entries with unique categorization, SKUs, and serialization to run a business smoothly.


Find items easily with a well-ordered merchandise system that pulls up relevant details whenever needed. Each item is categorized, assigned an SKU, and serialized to maintain a unique track record.


Keep track of every penny with a cash register-like software that generates invoices, maintains a ledger, pursues bank transactions, sets up payment terms, and a lot more.


Take maximum control of products at every stage. Whether it’s a standard order, repair order, layaway order, or special order, Diaspark Retail allows granular tracking of each item for correct updates.


Centralize production-related transactions from issuing a standard workbag, repair & layaway workbag, to vendor accounts, open transactions, and setting up payment terms, in a couple of clicks.


Make your business sparkle with effective synchronization. Centralize each step from receiving diamond inventory, setting up the parameters, certifications, to item serialization, and drawing a purchase memo or invoice to a vendor.


Automate operational tasks of gold jewelry from purchase, inventory, and user set up with guaranteed ease. Track and monitor transactions for actionable insights and speed up the process for unmatchable customer delight.


Configure our software to fit your needs. Set up user accounts, user permission, salespersons’ accounts, authorized security access, and a lot more. Our network support is safe and secure against unauthorized access, and we make it our top priority to protect our customers and their businesses.

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