Deliver personalized luxury experience by leveraging personal information into an upsell

Empower your marketing decisions and customer relationship management with Diaspark’s Retail/Wholesale software solution. Understand better your target audience and their responses, thus reducing customer acquisition costs and achieving higher ROI.

CRM in Jewelry Retail Software


  • Manage complete sales history
  • Track detailed information of every customer
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Analysis of key customer behavior indicators


Customer Information
-Dashboard providing complete information of a customer including personal information, transaction history, balances due and other processes
-Record every activity with customer
-Record customer wish lists with reminder dates and contact details
-Set up accounts and contacts
Customer Analytics
-Get reports about customers with regard to:
-Transaction history
-Frequency of visits
-Shopping time
Customer Follow-ups
-Schedule follow-up tasks and set up meetings with customers
-Get reminders for follow-up calls by email for all sales, important dates and wishlists
-Manage opportunities and tasks for the customer
-Generate and analyze marketing campaigns depending on product awareness and new inclusions

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