Diaspark ERP

Take full control of manufacturing operations


Cut down on business complexity with Diaspark ERP. Designed for jewelry manufacturing and distribution operations, our integrated software streamlines and manages all aspects of your business – sales, purchases, accounting, production, and reporting, on a single unified platform. Achieve operational excellence with our intuitive software that provides easy control, clear visibility, and faster insights into business operations. With customizable workflows and automated business management, Diaspark ERP helps to lower costs of running your jewelry business and unlock new levels of performance across divisions.

Bring vendor-specific information to one place

Manage vendors offering different styles of jewelry on this tab. Gather extensive vendor details for different style parameters – casting details, color stone, diamonds, finding details, labor details, style costing, and global update for style creation.


Quickly input casting details – metal type, shape, size, weight per stone, carat weight, setting price, handling cost, and certification on this tab. Gain immediate access to different style parameters of a specific vendor at a given time.


Define color stone details at length – shape, size, color, clarity, cut, weight per stone, carat weight, setting price, and handling cost under this section.


Make your business shine with organized detailing of diamonds – metal type, metal colors, markup percentage, surcharge amount, surcharge percent, casting labor, and casting unit of diamonds.


Make your business shine with organized detailing of diamonds – metal type, metal colors, markup percentage, surcharge amount, surcharge percent, casting labor, and casting unit of diamonds.


Organize labor details for domestic and international locations. Further trickle down to specific labor detailing such as metal type, metal weight, style category, and labor type under this feature.


Crunch numbers to ascertain style costing along with other details on this screen. Whether it’s a metal type, diamond, color stone, finding details, labor, duty, surcharge, and other costs, you can easily access comprehensive information to understand various aspects of style costing.


Keep up with the global prices to update metal cost, finding cost, diamond cost, color stone cost, settling and handling cost in a few clicks. Select styles based on several parameters to increase or decrease the cost as per global updates.

Managing orders has never been easier

Always have an up-to-minute view of all orders: asset, memo, sales line, sample, stock, special orders, and closeout. Improve business performance with a streamlined order management system that can be configured to suit your business.


Make order recording easier and faster than before. Choose from different types of orders – asset, memo, sample, salesline, SPO, and stock, and enter relevant information along with the shipping address to complete an order in one go.


Maintain a faultless record of orders processed in-house and overseas. Keep track of every component (diamonds, casting, colorstone, and finding), workbag, contractor, and vendor within a single platform and monitor progress at every stage.


Get instant order updates at each stage. Skim through workbags, production plan sheets, production requests, vendor PO, vendor invoice, caster PO and invoice, contractor memo and invoice, sales memo, sales invoice, and more to be in the know.


Get detailed and specific order reports in a few simple clicks. Filter reports by customers, transactions, date, period, items, cancellations, etc. You can also check reports in different formats such as customer/order, customer/item and so on, to gain specific business understanding.

Maximize operational efficiency at all levels

Control the entire production planning and scheduling from start to end. Diaspark ERP software helps to streamline entire production workflow – from generating a production request, managing workbags, purchasing raw materials, transfers, to sales order allocation, and communication with vendors and contractors, to accelerate your business.


Optimize production workflow at each stage with maximum ease. Generate a production request either manually or through a sales order depending upon the inventory levels suggested by the software. The intuitive software automatically combines multiple orders or separates them into different order entries as per the requirement.


Communicate effectively with vendors to streamline your production process. Tightly integrated with vendors, the vendor portal improves visibility into production processes and planned timelines. It gives vendors transparency to every activity along with the ability to manage the complete lifecycle of every issued purchase order.


Generate workbags and purchase orders with intelligent software that automatically sets a default production type for each request. Depending on the order, each request is labeled under workbag (local production), PO with workbag (overseas production), or semi mount PO (local and overseas).


Keep track of diamond and metal purchases along with the extensive details on their dedicated tabs. Easily maintain inventory, pricing, casting invoices, surcharges, labor cost, and custom duty for different item types to maintain an organized record. Our robust software updates the e-ledger by itself after generating receipts that can be accessed anytime.


Automatically generate orders for raw materials once the workbag is created. Our intuitive jewelry software calculates the requirement of raw materials such as casting, findings, diamonds, and color stone to place an order to the vendor. Further, it consolidates the requirements from vendors and bundles them into one group to place an order.


Generate a memo for barcoded workbags to send to a contractor. Diaspark ERP ascertains details of components, insurance cover, and due date, thereby eliminating manual work.


Receive partial or full shipments from a vendor. View the entire cost breakup from labor charges, raw material charges, and shipping charges that can be stored for future references. Fly straight to checkout once the item is received from the contractor to send it to the customer.


Move finished jewelry to its destination either by scanning barcodes, uploading data from a document, or using the production plan sheet. To ensure transparency, each transfer is recorded with a username and time stamp after which inventory is updated in the system.


Improve productivity by assigning items in stock to customers without going through the production cycle. Pick the items available to allocate to sales orders which match the requirement. In case of urgent orders, our software re-allocates inventory from another order by itself, resulting in an optimized process.


Issue raw material to workbags either from purchase invoice or in-house stock. The intuitive software captures the components issued (metal, diamond, stones, etc.) along with the quantity and weight per piece that can be tracked easily. The system automatically calculates the total cost of each workbag and profit margins allowing you to keep the costs under control.


Gain holistic insights into production activities from sales orders to shipment. Track production status of items from contractors to quality check and shipping. Easily gain insights into current surplus or shortages to fulfill orders in time.


Customize your production process to suit your business needs. Easily focus on the areas that need your attention with flexible configuration. Create a shortcut for a particular customer, category, or a particular group for faster reach out. Our automated system makes it easier to keep up with production needs and customer demands at the same time.

Keep track of orders assigned to contractors

Ensure seamless tracking of orders with issued workbags that contain components such as stones, diamonds, findings, and castings sent to contractors. Whether it’s a standard order, special order, sample order, customer repair, or sales line, each workbag can be tracked at different stages of production with absolute transparency.


Record sales orders by issuing workbags that contain style components such as stone, diamond, castings, etc. for a finished product. Each workbag is sent to a contractor on a memo and the invoice is generated after completion so your customers get exactly what they are paying for.


Create workbags manually during the processing of orders or when a production request is placed.


Our order entry screen customized for jewelry businesses eases manual entry of details such as quality, color, shape, stone type, weight range, etc. Criteria are available to run reports of different formats using this data.


Workbags can also be generated while selecting a production type. Click ‘Generate workbag’ after choosing a production request and details will be auto-filled for a workbag to be created.


Easily manage and track components issued to a workbag such as diamonds, stone, casting, etc. Record workbags assigned to contractors on a centralized platform that can be accessed anytime.


Efficiently transfer workbag to different stages. The configurable software lets you define various stages of workbags transfers to suit your production workflows.


Once the workbag moves from one stage to another, it can be acknowledged with this feature and registered in the software.


Split workbags and issue new quantities and components (diamonds, casting, etc.) as per your requirements. The original workbag becomes void once it is split into different workbags, and each workbag can then be tracked and managed separately.

Facilitate return & repair management with ease

Track, monitor, and record all activities relating to repair and returns of jewelry items on this screen. Record different types of returns with different policies – credit, momo return, repair, and send back, for end-to-end repair management.


Create return orders either through a sales invoice or return request placed by customers. In case of no authorization, a return order can be directly entered into the system.


Create workbags for repair orders in a single click to send to contractors. View workbags generated for repair orders from the total number of return requests on a centralized screen.


Generate repair packing slip with integrated ERP software that pulls up the details of a return order in seconds.


Keep track of items sent back to customers without processing. Pull up the data of returned items to analyze the orders and to understand how to serve customers more efficiently.

Define transactions relating to style inventory easily

Optimize style and casting inventory management with integrated ERP software for automatic forecasting and material planning. Create and maintain entries of receipt, issue, transfer, and physical inventory to keep updated in real-time.


Define item categories, item types, and locations on this screen. Record transactions relating to style inventory such as receipts, issue, transfer, and physical inventory, production transfer, and monthly posting with comprehensive details.


Different reports can be viewed on this screen — issue report, transfer report, activity report, stock report, item price list, item cost variance report, etc. that can be customized according to customers’ needs. Make smarter, confident decisions with interactive reports made available on your screen anytime.

Make your business sparkle with effective diamond & stone management

Organize diamond and stone inventory into different categories with Diaspark ERP that helps in lowering inventory cost while optimizing inventory levels. Make confident decisions with interactive reports to understand inventory levels, and other details such as receipts, issues, adjustments, and transfers.


Run different criteria to view on-hand lots, discontinued lots, and certified lots on a single window. Quickly view transactions such as on-hand inventory, memo in, memo out, and physical stock, for clear visibility at all times. Create sales memos and sales quotations on selecting desired lots from the list.


View query packets of different categories on a single screen. Different transactions such as on-hand inventory, memo in, memo out, and physical stock, along with interactive reports can be immediately accessed to make changes to transactions.

Bring all the financial records under one system

Streamline financial operations with Diaspark ERP. Easily automate the handling of all key account processes such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash manager, and general ledger to run a business smoothly.


Group customers into categories with different credit policies reflected on a centralized system. Easily create different payment terms, on-account receipts, advance receipts, invoices, and multiple reports with this extensive feature.


Sort vendors into different categories with parameters such as vendor payments, vendor credit invoices, open invoices, GL postings, open checks in receipt, and credit invoices listed under the feature. Leverage our flexible ERP system to print registers, memos, aging analysis, vendor statements, and a lot more to attain clear visibility at all times.


Track all banking processes – cash receipts, advance payments, deposits, credit card payments, and account reconciliation under this screen. Create daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports using real-time data for profitable decision-making.


Embrace the centralized storage unit where all transactions relating to finances are stored, tracked, and managed. Take a look at the trial balance, income statement, balance sheet, journal account, and ledger accounts stored in different formats on our centralized platform.

Manage order shipments integrated with leading carriers

Efficiently track order shipments integrated with domestic and overseas shipping carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and more for reduced business costs. Gain real-time analysis of shipments and send automated emails to customers with tracking details to make logistics an absolute breeze.

Minimize the risk of security breaches

Group users into categories for different access rights to protect sensitive data. The role-based access control can be configured to prevent misuse of authorization at company’s, modules, and menu option levels.

Digitally transform business processes

Ensure seamless electronic processing of purchase orders and invoices between you and the clients with this secure data exchange.


Store customer EDI information including customer ID, customer name, customer address, invoice terms, credit limit, bank information, shipping, and other relevant details, with absolute ease.


Receive different purchase orders from EDI based on the accounting period, transaction date, customer ID, and transaction number. The orders are then sent to sales divisions for further processing. The invoice is generated through EDI once the order is ready to be shipped.

Record vital monetary aspects of salesperson’s performance

In the form of payable commissions, collections, customer service level, etc. Eliminate manual tasks with our integrated jewelry ERP software that automates activities for improved productivity and efficiency.

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