Style Inventory Management


  • Style and Casting Inventory module provides the capability to create and maintain Receipt, Issue, Transfer and Physical Inventory entry
  • Integrated with Sales, Purchase, Gold, Contractor and Production modules
  • Physical Inventory system allows entering physical inventory, process adjustment data and update stock
  • Stock report gives memo stock and in stock-in-hand separately
  • Inventory transfer from one production stage to another
  • Tagging by barcode and RFID
  • Comprehensive inventory reports


  • The Style & Casting Inventory Setup allows user to set up item categories, item and location. These setups are used to record transactions in the Style & Casting Inventory module like receipts, transfers, issue, physical inventory etc.

    Item Category

    Item category helps to set items of similar nature under one head. Item category can be defined as ring, bracelets etc.


    From this screen user can create an item and add basic information about it such as category, cost, purchase/sell unit, vendor id etc.


    This feature helps user to add location ids and description.


    This section helps user to create and maintain different transactions available with Style & Casting Inventory module


    Receipt is used to record all the purchases that user makes from various vendors and all the sales returns. Receipt transaction enables to capture several details while receiving items.


    Issue is used to record all the sales that user makes to various customers and all the purchase returns to vendors. There are several details that can be stored in the window for issue of items. An item issue transaction can be generated for the items Returned to the vendor as the purchase return, Sold to customer and for opening balances. This issue can be used to issue diamond set, metal and style to production departments or workbag if the production module is not started.

    Item Transfer

    User creates a Transfer to transfer stock of one or more item to some other item or from one location of business to another location. In such transaction stock is transferred from one location to another without affecting total inventory. Transfer option is also used, if adjustment includes both receipt and issue.

    Barcode Tag

    This feature helps user to generate and print barcode tags for style / item (s).

    Production Transfer

    When a WIP bag is closed (if company has WIP option) or a completed style is lying at inventory which is ready to ship, but is needed again to be brought to WIP stage or needs to check again, in such case it is possible to make stage transfer from this screen only.

    Physical Inventory

    This option provides user with the facility to enter, adjust and post physical inventory data.

    Monthly Posting

    Posting of inventory transactions can be done on monthly basis with this screen.

  • Following list of reports can be viewed and printed at Style & Casting Inventory module

    Receipt Register

    This report gives all the details of receipt transactions recorded. It shows item id, number of pieces received and their amount.

    Issue Report

    Issue report gives user a list of all the issue transactions recorded through Issue option. It shows details of items issued such as item id, number of pieces, unit, their price and amount.

    Transfer Report

    With the help of this report user can have detailed information for transfer transactions done.

    Activity Report

    This report shows all the activities of items in regard to stock, memo, receipts, issue and in-hand quantity. This is very important report to watch any discrepancy in the stock with physical inventory.

    Stock Report (Backdated)

    This report is helpful in getting stock details along with the purchase memo, sales memo and in hand stock details in a specified time period. The report shows backdated report e.g. if user wants to know the stock report as of Jan 1, 2007 then he can use this report to view backdated report.

    Stock Report

    With the help of this report user can get the current status of the stock. User can also define the criteria for getting the details of any particular item.

    Summary Report

    This report gives user a summarized view of a style / items in regard to its opening balance, purchases, sales, transfer and closing balance.

    Stock Valuation Report

    With the help of this report user can valuate current stock with different methods. The report is needed to submit in banks on month end/ half yearly or yearly.

    Excess / Shortage Inventory Report

    With the help of this report user can know excess or shortage quantity of an item. It will provide with the details of quantity produced and excess / shortage quantity of item. This helps user in deciding production quantity.

    Physical Inventory Report

    This report gives user details of physical inventory of lot, stock variance and adjustments made.

    Physical Stock Variance Report

    With the help of this report user can know physical stock, current stock (at system) and their difference. User can know stock variance of a lot.

    Item Price List

    This report serves as a ready price list of an item along with price specified at all price levels by user.

    Item Category

    This acts as a reference list of all item categories that have been set up by user. It shows category id, reorder level, GL account id, unit and conversion factor.

    Item Cost Variance

    This report gives with the knowledge of cost variance of item i.e. difference between master cost and weighted cost.