Return & Repair

This module covers all aspects of managing the return and repair of precious jewelry items

This is important not only because of the high value of the goods involved but to also ensure that there are an adequate check and balance system in place to monitor this aspect of the business. The Return and Repair module helps track and record all activities associated with the return and repair of jewelry items.
This option of style module allows the user to define and set up vendor-specific values for various style parameters. These vendor-specific values are picked up at style creation as per selected vendor. User can also print details entered at all the tabs.


  • Return can be of 4 types viz. Credit, Memo Return, Repair, Sendback (For the pieces received from customer which are not our style)
  • There are different policies for different types of returns
  • Customized policies for Credit, Memo return and Repair types
  • In Credit Return Policy define whether authorization & invoice number is required, how old invoice (days) can be and credit types
  • In Repair Policy define extra parameters in addition to above e.g. Prepare Credit Invoice, Charge Customer and Days to Repair
  • In Memo Return policy, define whether authorization & Memo number required and how old memo (days) can be
  • Define Customer specific return policies for Credit, Memo Return and Repair
  • Transactions allowed are Return Request, RA Approval, RA Cancellation, Customer Return and Sendback
  • Generate job bag for repair
  • Create Packing List for repair
  • Create Invoice for repair
  • Credit Invoice Inbox to send credit invoice to sales module
  • Memo Return Inbox to send memo returns to sales module


  • This screen helps user to record items returned by customer. Customer return can be prepared through sales invoice or from return request directly. If authorization is not required then the customer return can be entered directly.
  • This feature displays list of all customer returns received. Workbags are created to send the pieces for repair to contractors through this option. Workbag for repairs can be generated at a single click by the user. Generation of workbag and viewing generated workbag is available at single screen.
  • Once the repaired items are ready for shipment, repair packing List is prepared. Repair packing list can be prepared through customer return directly by entering return number. Diaspark ERP fetches details from entered return number and user can get ready with packing slip without entering details manually.
  • Send back option is used when returned goods are to be sent back to customers without processing them. This helps user to keep a track of goods sent back to customers without repairs.