Diaspark CRM

Foster lasting customer relationships with Diaspark CRM


Empower sales associates to create unmatched relationships with customers with Diaspark CRM. Diaspark CRM is intertwined with the needs of sales associates for immediate access to customers’ accounts to sell faster. The jewelry software provides a holistic view of customers’ transactions, preferences, wishlists, inventory, special occasions, and orders, for a personalized experience at each stage. Powered with unique features, Diaspark CRM allows a salesperson to customize marketing campaigns, treat customers to a group discount, keep track of special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, analyze sales performance and a lot more, at the click of a button. Currently available as a desktop, tablet or mobile application for Windows, macOS, and iOS.

Everything in one place

Ensure rewarding exchanges between sales associates and customers using the best jewelry store management software. Make it easier for sales associates to keep updated about customers’ transactions, special occasions, upcoming meetings, and follow-ups, so they can focus on what’s more important – winning customer’s confidence and closing sales faster.


Get instantly notified about repair order status, special occasions, upcoming meetings, and follow-ups to serve customers efficiently.

Open Tasks

Stay on top of customers’ birthdays, anniversaries, upcoming meetings, and follow-ups to deliver engaging experiences through personalized marketing.

Open Campaigns

Everyone wants to feel special on their big day. Create personalized emails to send to customers on their birthdays and anniversaries for an experience they’ll truly love.

Task Summary

View summarized task report of a day, week, or month, in a couple of clicks. Analyze the events of the previous month and track the current month’s progress for analytical actionable insights.


Regulate user permissions, user accessibility, and other configurations related to the sales team to ensure top-notch safety, ease-of-use, and privacy.

Unleash your growth potential

Experience the supercharged workflow of customers’ orders, purchases, wishlist, and repair orders in a click. Weave personalized experiences with customer data to gain their loyalty over time and to convert more leads.


Turn conversations into conversions with seamless Diaspark CRM. Gain a deeper understanding of customers through sales transactions – preferences, spending patterns, and financial capacity, to create personalized experiences to increase sales.

Repair Order

Equip salespersons to keep track of repair orders easily. Check which orders are open, overdue, and picked from the store. Easily update price estimates for repair orders that can be checked and approved by customers on Diaspark live chat application.

Special Order

Get promised loyalty from shoppers by designing jewelry items of their choice. Understand customers’ preferences through special orders and nurture marketing efforts using CRM’s analytical capabilities to win customer’s hearts.

Layaway Order

View, track and manage layaway orders of customers on a single tab. Record layaway payments at each step with absolute ease until the final payment is made by the customer. Moreover, leverage real-time data to understand customers’ shopping preferences and behaviors for targeted promotions.


Browse through a directory of open orders with relevant information such as customers, salesperson, items, and more, for an instant follow-up to close the deal.


Notify customers about items in their wishlist to encourage sales. Create personalized marketing emails using the customer management software that allows you to offer discounts and promotions, and perform other marketing activities for potential customers.


Bring all your customers’ interactions in one place to deliver personal support. Make it easy for the sales team to respond quickly and personally to customers. With our flexible jewelry CRM software, the sales team can easily access, analyze, and collaborate relevant data at any given point to fulfill customer’s needs.

Customer’s Info

Deliver personalized services to customers with instant access to their information. The intuitive CRM records every interaction with customers including their birthdays and anniversaries so you never miss an opportunity to impress them.

Customer’s Transactions

Take a look into customer’s activities in a particular week, month, or a year. Compare the previous and the current year’s transactions and leverage our analytics platform for insights into sales performance and how it can be improved.

Special Occasions

Celebrate customer’s special moments like your own. Draft personalized emails and send it across on birthdays and anniversaries to build a personal relationship with them.

Gift Remainders

Capture spousal information of customers and send reminders before the spouse’s birthday or their anniversary to encourage more sales.

Calendar Tasks

Get a summarized view of upcoming tasks with the in-built feature. Be a visionary while mapping a customer’s journey and make it flawless from start to end with organized planning.

Tasks Report

Pull up task reports of a particular week, month, or a year for invaluable insights. Analyze the data in seconds to take corrective measures and understand how to improve customer satisfaction more easily than ever before.

Manage stocks at one place

Embrace full traceability with jewelry CRM that stores inventory information with relevant details – item type, store, brand, vendor, department, category, and price range, to drive personalization at full force.

Inventory Management

Pull up inventory details in seconds – store, vendor, brand, price, etc. to see what’s in stock and what’s not. Track customers’ orders at each stage to keep customers informed to ensure a smooth exchange.

Pricing Information

Easily check the price of an item by entering the number or scanning barcode. Input other fields such as item type, category, and style for a specific check. Our customer management software reflects pricing information in seconds along with other details.

Vendor List

Equip your sales team with a list of vendors for a quick reach out. Navigate customers’ queries relating to vendors instantly and more easily than ever before.

Inbound Inventory

Easily add items by entering the number or scanning a barcode. Manage and track inventory in one place and pull up the data whenever required for personalized support.

Variance Report

Keep one step ahead in fulfilling customer’s needs. Analyze variance report for a difference between in-hand quantity and stock quantity to place vendor orders on time and to never lose out on sales.

Stay personal as you grow

Metrics matter. They help you improve performance, understand customers’ needs, gauge the efficiency of the sales team, analyze the impact of marketing activities, and a lot more. With Diaspark CRM, it’s easy to visualize, understand, and interact with data to make informed business decisions.

Sales Report

Always keep an eye on what’s happening in the sales pipeline. Get an overview of quantities sold, new sales, profits, margins, store location, and employees’ performances, to drive faster results.

Sales Performance

Gain invaluable insights into the performance of your sales teams. Track interactions with customers to understand their demands and to plan a better strategy for their fulfillment.

After Sales Tracking

Making a sale is where you get started. Empower your team to track orders easily and keep customers in the loop. Leverage sales data to strategize follow-up activities for customer aftercare and to grow loyalty towards your business.

Marketing Activities

Capture a uniform view of marketing activities on a single tab to ascertain, analyze, and improve engagement efforts. Make data-driven choices to personalize experiences and to attract potential customers to the store.

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