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For Manufacturers

Maximize business performance with Diaspark’s Manufacturing Softwares

Diaspark ERP

Gain greater control over your jewelry business with Diaspark ERP. A fully integrated software for manufacturing and distribution enterprises, Diaspark ERP helps to achieve operational and managerial excellence across the business. The multi-module software automates tasks across inventory management, production workflows, memo management, sales and accounting, and customer management for improved performance while significantly lowering costs of running a business.

Diaspark Order Entry

Manage orders on-the-go. Showcase your products in a stunning e-catalog to engage potential customers and to sell more. Whether you’re online, at a trade show, or offline, empower sales associates to keep selling and interacting with potential customers to grow a business.


Never lose a sale with build.design application that makes customization an instant possibility. Take special orders with the intuitive app that suggests possible customizations for every SKU along with price estimates and other available options for buyers to choose from. Have edge over competitors by embracing customizations with real-time data from manufacturers to meet customer’s demands effectively.

For Retailers

Seamless business with Diaspark’s Retail Softwares

Diaspark Retail

Intuitively designed for single and multi-chain jewelry retail stores, Diaspark’s Retail POS software is powerful, efficient, and flexible to fit every store’s needs. Available on the cloud and on premise, the software provides maximum control over transactions with real-time analysis of inventory levels, production processes, sales & accounting, special orders, and repairs to make selling a beautiful experience.

Diaspark Repair

Offer great services, not just products. Track and manage repair orders at each stage with our integrated and configurable jewelry repair software. Navigate communication with jewelers from a powerful dashboard to streamline repair workflow and to ensure faster customer service.

Diaspark CRM

Build an extensive customer database with Diaspark CRM to personalize customers’ jewelry shopping experience to the core. Access customer-related information — customer profiles, transaction history, preferences, frequency of visits, financial strength, and a lot more, on a single unified platform. With Diaspark CRM, you can leverage the power of relationships with customers to scale your jewelry business exponentially.

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