Diaspark metered paywall framework helps media & publishing business to monetize, manage and grow sustainable revenue into digital world. With over 21 years of experience in publishing, Diaspark offers a game changing highly configurable & independent platform, built considering simple UX and seamless integration with existing CMS. The framework enables digital publishers to set a bar on premium content viewing and monetizing it efficiently. It is a secure paywall with all the required control and flexibility that a digital publisher expects.

How does Diaspark Paywall work ?
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Key features of our fully customizable Metered Paywall Framework are

Options to adjust meter limit

Functionality to enable/disable paywall

Content, Tags and IP Range exclusion from the meter

Analytics and reporting

Functionality to configure messages

Display meter for non-subscribers

Global meter message setting

Provides ‘Try before you buy’ model before the user signs up for subcription

Administrator interface for managing customer accounts

Backend facilitates to manage features and functionalities of frontend paywall

How Metering features can unlock the potential of your premium content?

Content Protection

  • Meter Limit
  • Configurable Meter Limit – for different content sections, GeoTargeting
  • Split Registration
  • Include/Exclude Content Ability
  • Exclude referral traffic from particular domains
  • Fully lock a particular piece of content
  • Target different marketing messages to users based on their reading patterns and availed subscription plan


  • Key KPIs reporting – Users stopped by meter, Conversion rate of users stopped, Retention rates per subscription option, Multivariate testing results
  • Full sales funnel breakdown showing drop-off at each step
  • Usage Report – How many and which users accessed each version of the content (website, mobile apps, etc.)

  Messaging & Marketing

Point of sale messaging

  • Custom messaging with branding
  • Show marketing messages inline on an article page
  • Custom POS messages for different target groups, Seasonal or Promotional campaigns

Subscription Options

  • Implement Bulk Codes
  • Can create different plans of subscription based on platform (mobile/web), Ad free/Limited Ads


  • Offer trial or promotional subscriptions
  • Gift subscriptions
  • “Refer a friend” promotion
  • Offer special discounted subscription offers based on unique link or ad click through
  • Institutional promotions

Print bundling & Integration

  • Creation of new print/digital bundle subscriptions
See how we helped a renowned weekly magazine in implementing custom paywall to monetize digital content.

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