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Our Vision for Improving Healthcare

Improved Patient Care

Our BI expertise empower healthcare providers with the ability to transform patient care. Utilizing patient-generated health data (PGHD), we enable proactive monitoring and treatment, customized healthcare based on medical history, and instant access to detailed patient records.

Enhanced Preventive Healthcare

Our BI solutions enable the anticipation and mitigation of potential health concerns, particularly for genetic and lifestyle-related illnesses. Through predictive analytics, we create personalized treatment strategies, ensuring prompt intervention in case of relapse and proactive monitoring during outbreaks.

Improved Cost Management

With our BI expertise, we analyze patterns to optimize patient flow, enhance logistics management, and reduce wastage. Through insights gained, we streamline processes, allocate resources efficiently, and optimize funding allocation, thus enhancing cost management.

Transforming Patient Care

By seamlessly integrating BI solutions, we empower healthcare providers with the ability to transform patient care. Utilizing patient-generated health data (PGHD), we enable proactive monitoring and treatment, customized healthcare  based on medical history, and instant access to detailed patient records.

Promising Impact of BI

The impact of our BI solutions on healthcare is boundless. By eliminating errors, improving affordability, and facilitating timely decisions, our tools ensure better patient outcomes and a brighter future for healthcare.

Our Approch


Discover the untapped potential of data with our consulting expertise. We understand your requirements and create a roadmap for smooth integration of healthcare analytics. Our experts support you from project design to growth, ensuring data-driven success at every stage.


Experience the future of healthcare analytics through our implementation prowess. We decode your healthcare data needs, designing tailor-made dashboards and reports. Our experts ensure secure implementation, efficient analytics modules, and seamless integration into your existing systems, propelling your data-driven success.

Insightful Performance Dashboards

Discover a new dimension of data-driven decision-making with our comprehensive dashboards, charts, and diagrams. Designed to enable transparent performance evaluation in healthcare analytics, these visual tools provide a clear understanding of critical data, empowering healthcare providers to enhance operational efficiency, make informed decisions, and drive improved patient outcomes.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Understanding: Visual representations facilitate quick comprehension of complex data, aiding healthcare providers in understanding performance metrics.
  • Informed Decisions: Data-driven insights empower informed decision-making, contributing to more effective strategies and actions.
  • Operational Efficiency: Gain insights into bed utilization, equipment rates, operating room efficiency, medication trends, and clinical HR analytics, streamlining operational processes.
  • Employee Performance: Visual cues help assess employee qualifications, certifications, hiring trends, and more, enabling targeted HR decisions.
  • Wide Data Sources: Harness data from diverse systems including Practice Management, Electronic Health Records, Laboratory Information Systems, Radiology Information Systems, and more.

Patient Progress Indicators

Our team empowers healthcare through data-driven insights, uncovering hidden possibilities. We harness patient progress indicators to reveal patterns, trends, and outliers, enabling providers to enhance treatment effectiveness. With a focus on vital signs, lab results, medication patterns, and more, our experts dive deep. Leveraging advanced data tools, we unearth nuanced insights for targeted treatment strategies. Early issue identification promises improved patient outcomes.

Data Sources:

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) / Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) Records
  • Specialty-specific Systems (Cardiology, Dentistry, Neurology, etc.)
  • Disease Management and Population Health Data

Analyzing Patient Generated Health Data (PGHD)

Step into patient-generated health data (PGHD), a cornerstone of healthcare analytics. Our team extracts insights from fitness trackers, symptom logs, and meds records, empowering providers with deep understanding. Unveil hidden patterns, trends, and anomalies for optimized treatments. Through expert analysis and advanced tools, personalized strategies take shape, culminating in improved outcomes and well-being.

Report Types:

  • Blood Glucose Levels (Diabetes Patients)
  • SpO2 Level Changes (COPD Patients)
  • Overall Trends: Nutrition, Hydration, Temperature, Weight, Blood Pressure, etc

Data Sources:

  • Mobile Patient Apps and Portals for:
  • Chronic Condition Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Medication Intake Tracking
  • Post-Surgery Recovery Support

Cost Analysis

Exploring cost analysis, we decode expenditures for specific conditions or patient groups. Our meticulous approach unveils nuanced insights into treatment expenses, enabling informed decision-making for healthcare optimization.

Report Insights:

  • Financial clarity for treating conditions, optimizing resource allocation.
  • Correlate patient outcomes and costs, uncover care process insights.

Data Sources:

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) / Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)
  • Radiology Information Systems (RIS)
  • Department-specific systems
  • Accounting system / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

In-Depth Financial Report

With our team, navigate the path to financial planning and optimization with our extended cash flow reporting. We break down the financial landscape, providing clear insights for smarter healthcare decisions.

Report types:

  • Projected cash flow from RCM data.
  • Actual cash flow analysis.
  • Outstanding payments by departments, facilities, diseases.
  • ROI analysis for investments like new facilities or medical equipment (CT, MRI, etc.).

Data Sources:

  • ERP or Financial Management Systems (FMS).
  • Revenue Cycle Management.
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