Software Services to Education Technology Providers

Helping Education ISVs in all stages of product life cycle from conceptualization to its release

The digital transformation and distribution of educational content are opening an array of opportunities across the globe; physical presence of students in classrooms is no longer a necessity. Virtual teaching collaborations and personalized course development according to individual learning styles has redefined the functioning of educational systems. Education technology and EdTech services providers are continually bringing in advanced tools to leverage technology for differentiated learning and enhanced student-teacher engagement.

Diaspark has been a leading provider of technology services to education ISVs. Over the years our EdTech Services have matured by assisting our clients in all stages of product life cycle from conceptualization to its release in areas like LMS, LEM, learning tools, SIS, and campus management. Combined by our functional experience in EdTech along with our software development practices, which are at CMMi Level 5 standards, we bring to the table a unique blend of services as a partner, to support your vision and product roadmap.

How Diaspark Ed-Tech Services can help you?

Augmenting your team to increase pace of product development, thereby reducing time to market

Seamlessly integrating product with external applications (LMS, SIS, etc.) to increase user engagement

Developing new products or functionalities to increase product value

Maintaining existing product, as their core team develops next generation of existing product line

Developing Innovative Solutions to create an Engaged Learning Framework

Diaspark’s product engineering services in LMS space helps Ed-Tech companies to build and enhance their products in areas like virtual learning, content authoring, assessment, collaboration, e-portfolio and adaptive learning.

Virtual Learning

Training e-learning,
video conferencing,

Content Authoring 

Interactive lessions, content
management, assignment,
assessment question type

Assesment & Collaboration 

Gradebooks, assessment, rubrics, curriculum & activity mapping, social feedback, wikis, polls, quiz


Reports, dashboard, predictive

Integrating Edtech Services with Student Information Systems

Education technology companies need to continually upgrade their legacy student information systems to adapt to new growth models in the field. Diaspark partners with these Ed-tech firms to support their growth strategies and help them bring distinctive offerings to the market. Our Edtech services for Student Information System providers consists of student management, personnel management, curriculum management, calendar notifications, eCommerce and analytics to take care of each and every aspect of campus management.

Student and personnel management

Admission, attendance,
tuition management,
transportations, teacher and staff

Notifications & calendar management

Scheduling, Calendars,
email, SMS, private message, voIP


Online environment,
Digital distribution, Online book store


Reports, dashboard, predictive

Seamless integrations and interoperability of learning applications using Global Standards

With specialized learning tools and LEMs gaining importance and wide applicability, schools and universities have multiple options to provide best learning experience for their students and teachers, and not rely on one LMS for everything. Diaspark’s Edtech Services helps you deploy standardized integration approach within your product line, and seamlessly share data across multiple systems without having to maintain separate custom integrations for individual learning platform. We also understand different compliance regulations in EdTech space, and ensure that your product is built as per compliance guidelines.

Interoperable Learning Solutions
Diaspark’s services for Ed-Tech Integration
  • LTI integration with LMS
  • QTI integration with question banks including TEI
  • Caliper Integration with learning analytics
  • LIS/OneRoster Integration with SIS
  • SCORM/xAPI content integration
  • IMS Common Cartridge
  • Other standard/custom application integration
Diaspark’s services around Ed-Tech Compliance
  • Section 508 and 504 for Rehabilitation Act
  • FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act)
  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)
  • FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards)
  • Common Core

Common Integration Framework to automate information exchange between elearning systems

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