Bind learning applications with Common Integration Framework

Common Integration Framework – A breakthrough solution in integrating learning systems

Your education ecosystem is equipped with learning tools, student attendance, performance, assessments, district information and many more? But is it easy to access each tool without stumbling or switching off the other one? Does data from various tools talk to each other? Can you drive meaningful insights from your data? With Diaspark Common Integration Framework, the answer is YES..

How Diaspark EdTech Services can help you

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Make your LMS platform more competent by making it
  • LTI compliant
  • Caliper compliant, exchange data across SIS, schools & 3rd party providers and create intuitive dashboards
  • Integrate apps, system & data without doing any custom integration for individual systems
  • One Roster / LIS compliant and integrate with any SIS present on campus
Make your SIS platform competitive by utilizing this framework
  • Become OneRoster/LIS compliant
  • Expose data to LMS in a standard format
  • Integrate with any school/university without custom integration every time
Expand your K-12/ Higher Ed offerings, enrich your learning content and enhance application interoperability by making it
  • LTI, QTI, Common Cartridge/ SCORM compliant
  • Easy exchange of data between systems
  • Deploy Caliper to capture events in LMS and other systems
Automate data exchange mechanism with high quality and comply with district & state standards by integrating with CIF and –
  • Avail a complaint framework which can integrate with any SIS, LMS without manipulating data
  • Get a seamless transition while switching SIS & LMS’s