Diaspark Transforms Healthcare with Real-Time Walk-In Clinic Wait Time Information

A prominent healthcare company in the United States is making medical care more accessible by providing real-time wait time information for walk-in facilities. Diaspark's advanced data analytics solution transformed complex data into useful insights, optimizing hospital operations and enhancing patient satisfaction. Furthermore, dynamic operational dashboards enable ongoing monitoring and resource allocation refinement, augmenting the efficiency and efficacy of healthcare delivery.







Customer Challenges

Fragmented Data Sources
The company faced a major challenge with data spread across multiple platforms, making it difficult to get a clear and consistent view of wait times, patient flow, and clinic operations. Data from over a dozen sources needed consolidation, but varying formats and structures complicated the task.
Lack of Real-Time Insights
The organization's ability to access real-time data was limited, leading to delays in critical decision-making. This hindered agility and reduced the clinics' competitiveness in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.
Insufficient Analytical Tools
Without advanced analytics capabilities, the company struggled to extract meaningful insights from its vast datasets. This made it difficult to make strategic decisions, impacting both clinic operations and patient satisfaction.


Diaspark’s solution combined advanced data integration with real-time analytics, addressing the
company’s challenges and providing a robust platform for operational improvement.

Unified Data Infrastructure
Diaspark integrated data from multiple sources into a central repository, creating a unified data infrastructure. This allowed the company to consolidate information on wait times, patient flow, and clinic operations, enabling a comprehensive view of the business.
Real-Time Data Analytics
By leveraging Amazon Redshift's parallel query execution and columnar storage capabilities, Diaspark enabled real-time data analysis. Clinic managers could now access wait time information instantly, allowing for swift decision-making and improved resource allocation.
Advanced Customer Insights
Diaspark's solution provided deeper insights into patient behavior, enabling the company to identify patterns and trends. This allowed for more accurate forecasting of patient flows, leading to better staffing decisions and enhanced patient experiences.


After implementing Diaspark’s solution, the healthcare technology company saw remarkable improvements:

Reduced Wait Times
Real-time data analytics led to a 50% reduction in average wait times across the clinic network. This improvement significantly enhanced patient satisfaction and operational efficiency.
Increased Patient Retention
With more accurate data and improved customer insights, the company saw a 20% increase in patient retention. This was largely due to reduced wait times and improved patient patient behavioral insights.
Enhanced Resource Management
By understanding patient trends and resource utilization, the company optimized staffing, resulting in a 30% reduction in staffing costs without compromising patient care. This operational efficiency contributed to overall growth.
Improved Financial Performance
Diaspark's solution also facilitated improved financial management by providing a clearer picture of operational costs and revenue streams. This enabled the company to make data-driven decisions that enhanced profitability.

AWS Services Used

Amazon Redshift for real-time data analytics and storage

Amazon S3 for scalable and secure
data storage

AWS Lambda for automated
data processing

Why Choose Diaspark?

Diaspark is a leading data analytics consultancy known for unlocking the power of data to drive business growth. As an AWS Advanced Services Path and Differentiated Partner, Diaspark specializes in transforming complex data into valuable business insights. Our team of AWS-certified experts is dedicated to staying at the forefront of industry advancements, providing clients with innovative solutions that deliver measurable results.


Diaspark’s real-time data analytics solution helped the healthcare technology company overcome significant challenges, transforming fragmented data into actionable insights. This comprehensive approach to data integration, real-time analytics, and customer insights reduced wait times, improved patient retention, and enhanced resource management. The case study illustrates how a data-driven approach can revolutionize healthcare operations and create sustainable growth in a competitive market.