Team Design at Diaspark held its first ever Design Conclave

The 3 days long conclave from June 21-23, 2019, brought together various design team members of Diaspark from Indore and Mumbai locations. This conclave featured series of knowledge sharing sessions and project showcases. The event gave a great opportunity to team members for Learning and Networking in a collaborative and fun way.

Key Highlights
Project Experiences
hrs Knowledge Sharing
Key Takeaways
  • Every participant presented
  • Almost full house on all three days
  • We got a platform to share knowledge, key discussions and find solutions to everyday problems. Attendees included Sr. Management, Designers and UI Engineers, DMs and HODs, Head of Research, Front-end Developers, Product Owners, Business & Sales Persons
  • Good icebreaker platform for people working on various projects across locations
Key factors discussed
  • DMs’ Perspective
  • Design as a Practice
  • Design as a Function
  • Design as a Business
  • Design as a Gateway to Large Projects
  • Project Experiences
  • HCI/User Experience
  • Inclusive Design
  • Product Design
  • Best Practices
  • UI Engineering and Design Concepts
  • Frameworks
  • UI Tools
  • Design Management
  • Improving Productivity & Efficiency and much more
Few Glimpses