Up-skilling Knowledge
to Foster Excellence

Learning is an integral part of a company’s corporate strategy to build and capture competitive advantage. Therefore, corporate universities bring in a great value to prepare a workforce for solving new challenges and grabbing new opportunities.
Diaspark Center for Learning and Development (CLAD) is a Diaspark-owned learning facility, for exclusive use by Diaspark employees. It aims to develop a holistic learning approach for our employees, right from the moment they are hired to their advanced career levels.

Making an Impact with Extended Learning Opportunities

CLAD ensures that our employees stay ahead of new technologies and tools in the digital era and efficiently meet the business requirements of our clients.

  • Enriching our employees with experiential learning
  • Customized learning curriculum to fulfill futuristic business needs
  • Accelerated strategic learning to stimulate effective knowledge transfers
  • Distinctive learning opportunities to attract, build and retain our best talent
Development Programs Accelerating Performances

Diaspark CLAD brings together distinctive learning opportunities to all our employees from freshers to managers. We offer customized training curriculum to help our employees with opportunities to strengthen their learning journey and grow professionally & personally.

Entry-Level Training Programs (ELTP)

Our entry-level training programs are specially designed for Freshers. ELTP is an extensive training conducted to groom new recruits into technical professionals who are ready to be deployed on any project for desired technologies.


CLAD Tech-Talks are monthly conducted knowledge exchange sessions that serve as a platform to enable our employees stay up-to-date with latest technologies. Tech-Talks are aimed at offering opportunities to our employees to share their knowledge on any specific subject or technology.

Leaders Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Conducted annually, CLAD knowledge sharing sessions are dedicated to stimulating project outputs by reducing information gaps within various teams. The sessions are focused on sharing of tactical and operational knowledge about multiple technology projects along with boosting interactions amongst departments.