The Client

The client provides a dynamic enterprise learning platform to serve academic and non-academic organizations, including colleges, K-12 schools, corporate training departments, and all other organizations that provide educational trainings

Business Challenges

The existing LMS had severe bugs thus had low performance issues, those were needed to be fixed by creating a robust development environment without affecting the services to existing application users. Some other business challenges with this project include:

  • Unavailability of Cloud service connectivity with client’s database
  • CMS enhancement was required to incorporate more than 50 new modules
  • The average page load time was huge, it took long to open a web-page
  • Content upload module was time consuming for site administrator
  • There was a requirement to send SMS on mobile phones
  • Video conferencing option was not available among application users
  • Theme modification to add latest development revisions
Diaspark’s Solution

Optimized website’s internal files for performance improvement

Automation of test cases for bug removal

Content migration from heterogeneous platform to newly built application

AWS-Remote Data Services CDN integration for database connectivity

BigBlueButton integration for high quality learning through Video- conferencing

ClickTale Mobile API integration to send SMS

Designing support in existing theme to accumulate latest upgrades

Business Benefits
  • Performance has been improved because of fast navigation and error free application
  • Product’s monetary value has been increased
  • Video conferencing enables members across several geographies to interact & share information
  • According to reports, recent enhancements have observed better client retention rate
  • Easy & effective migration of content from previous versions to latest interface
  • Optimized designs allow efficient usage of page width, thus clear visibility of information
  • Rich multimedia content delivery made learning exciting, intuitive and fun
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