Blockchain Services

We help businesses achieve transparency and traceability with Blockchain
End-to-end blockchain services to help businesses leverage the power of Deploy

Diaspark’s Blockchain Services leverages blockchain and its technologies to address transparency, security and trust challenges in businesses. Our team of experts have the requisite experience and capabilities to build the prototypes required for adoption, integration, migration and implementation of blockchain technologies.

Scope of Diaspark’s Blockchain Services

At Diaspark, our Blockchain services are focused on helping enterprises establish business networks with transparency and trust. We act as an end-to-end partner for complete Blockchain realization – from advisory stage to the complete development and implementation of the solution.

Blockchain Consulting

We assess your business processes by identifying the potential of blockchain implementation and consult you on the best implementation roadmap.

Blockchain Development

We develop scalable Blockchain framework with custom built features and distributed applications to suit your business needs.

Blockchain Integrations

Analyzing a company’s existing infrastructure, we move ahead with agile and seamless integration supporting the transition with our toolkit.

Blockchain Testing

Our testing services ensure that your Blockchain network is reliable, secure and matches your business needs.

Industries we work for

Blockchain in Aviation

  • Employee-Certification- Verification: Digital Identity Management and Certification Tracking on Blockchain 
  • Certification Issue – Network-All certification stored in blockchain, so nobody can temper & fraud with certificate thereby reducing fake certification issues
  • Content Rights Management-Blockchain can do copyrights management of training content such as audio, video, text etc.

Blockchain in Luxury Watch

  • Eliminate counterfeit products
  • Trace history of any item and validate its authenticity
  • Prevent fraud by placing certificates on blockchain
  • Maintain brand value of pre-owned sales by recording watch service history

Blockchain in Healthcare

  • Easy storage of medical records and its sharing
  • Increased security in claims adjudication and auto-verification made possible by validations
  • Improved data security for protecting sensitive clinical trials data gathered during phases of research

Blockchain in Supply Chain

  • Ensure traceability and transparency in logistics
  • Real-time updation and validation of events with each network participant
  • Equal visibility of activities and whereabouts of any asset (who owns it and what condition it’s in) in real-time