Gain Actionable Insights on Customer Behavior, Sales, Inventory, and More!

Retail organizations need to make swift decisions, BI dashboards and reports  can assist by consolidating data from various sources and uncovering insights on sales,  inventory, and customer behavior.

Why Retailers are embracing advanced customer and business insights

  • User-friendly and less daunting than spreadsheets
  • Customizable to display only relevant data
  • Enables stakeholders to track essential retail KPIs in a single location
  • Facilitates informed decision-making based on real data instead of assumptions
  • Updates in real-time with the latest data feed from the CRM, Inventory management or POS transactions, saving time

Ways Diaspark’s Data and BI Experts are helping Retailers

Integrates customer interactions from various touchpoints (mobile app, website, Brick & Mortar) for a seamless customer experience

Aggregates data from both online and offline sources for a holistic view of customer expectations

AI-assisted analysis enables forecasting of demand, optimization of product assortments, and logistical support

Real-time analysis through Power BI dashboards enhances supply chain management and inventory replenishment timing

Thorough budget assessments can identify areas for cost-cutting and create intelligent plans for floor optimization

Predictive analysis helps maintain supply and demand balance for perishables, resulting in reduced operational costs

Online Store Performance and Health Dashboards

the Online Store Monitor provides a comprehensive set of dashboards to help online stores monitor and optimize their functionality, performance, marketing efforts, and customer service. By utilizing these dashboards, businesses can make informed decisions, address issues promptly, and work towards improving their financial health and overall success.

Overall Business Health Check
  • The dashboard focuses on metrics that help an e-commerce operation thrive and stay financially healthy.
  • The dashboard zooms out from critical survival metrics and emphasizes metrics that track progress toward meeting targets, sales growth, and product performance.
  • The dashboard helps e-commerce businesses track their performance over time, identify trends and patterns, and make data-driven decisions to improve their financial health and grow their business
  • The dashboard focuses on metrics related to driving traffic to an online store and improving its bottom line.
  • The dashboard covers various marketing channels such as paid search, display ads, email campaigns, and social media marketing.
  • This dashboard helps e-commerce businesses track the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, identify areas for improvement, and optimize their marketing strategies to drive more traffic and revenue to their online store.
  • The dashboard is crucial for online stores that prioritize customer experience and deliver exceptional service.
  • The dashboard focuses on core metrics such as CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and ticket volumes to ensure the customer support team provides excellent service and leaves customers satisfied.
  • The dashboard helps online stores keep high service standards, address customer support issues proactively, and ensure customers’ needs are met as soon as possible.

Sales Performance

The Sales Performance Dashboard is a dynamic dashboard design that highlights sales and profits for a global store with multiple sites. Current and Historical data reporting with rich dashboards by country, region, and city, as well as by product category and sub-category.

Dashboard features and KPIs

Determine the city/state/country where specific product/service is making the highest profits and those cities where they do not sell as well

Get full control sales and profit ratios across stores and product SKUs or categories

Navigate, filter, sort, and visualize current and historical data for sales variance by time period or sales person

Want to get a Retail BI Solution? Or need advice on selecting right BI tools and determine your business needs?

Inventory Optimization

Efficient inventory management is crucial for any business, and multi-channel and multi-store inventory monitoring is a critical aspect of it. Inventory analytics, inventory investment analytics, demand forecasting, and what-if inventory scenarios can be employed to optimize inventory stock levels, profitability, and purchasing decisions. Personalized Power BI dashboards and reports can help businesses monitor and analyze all these aspects of inventory management effectively.

  • Keep track of inventory on hand, low-stock inventory, inventory location, days sales of inventory, inventory discrepancy, aged inventory, and more, with drill-down capabilities.
  • Inventory analytics based on historical sales data, forecasted demand, average lead time, weather conditions, and other factors to define optimal inventory stock levels and SKU-level minimum and maximum quantity thresholds for each product category
  • Inventory investment analytics to calculate the average inventory turnover ratio for each brand, category, and SKU, and perform gross/net inventory profitability analysis
  • Demand forecasting for brand/product/SKU and across sales channels and store locations based on identified demand patterns for each store or customer segment, promotional uplift, price elasticity, seasonality, product cannibalization, competitors’ activity, and more
  • What-if inventory scenarios to outline various inventory purchasing, replenishment, allocation and transfer plans in case of supply disruptions, rush orders, inventory out-of-stock/overstock, etc.

Customer Analysis Dashboard

A customer analytics dashboard provides businesses with a comprehensive view of their customer behavior and enables them to make data-driven decisions to enhance their customer engagement and drive growth. They can segment their customer base, model customer behavior, and identify patterns that lead to churn. By leveraging the insights provided by a customer analytics dashboard, businesses can optimize their marketing strategies, improve customer experiences, and ultimately increase revenue.

  • Analysis of customer buying frequency and engagement across different sales channels
  • Customer segmentation analytics to understand existing customer segments, their share in the chain/store, and their average basket composition
  • Customer attrition analysis to identify patterns leading to churn
  • Customer behavior modeling to predict behavior patterns such as converting, churning, and spending more/less
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty analysis
  • Customer profitability analysis to calculate customer lifetime value, cost per acquisition, cost per lead, return on ad spend, and return on new customers
  • Customer retention analysis to understand customer renewal rate and retention costs
  • Leveraging customer analytics dashboards to gain insights and make informed decisions to optimize customer engagement and drive growth

Optimize your inventory management, drive profitability, forecast demand, and make data-driven decisions with personalized dashboards

Our Services

BI Discovery and Consulting

Our team of business intelligence experts assist in developing a tailored data analytics strategy that meets the unique requirements of your retail business.

BI Implementation

Our team is capable of identifying and addressing any existing gaps and is committed to implementing and overseeing enhancements to ensure successful outcomes.

Our Approach

  • Need assessment and BI strategy formulation
  • Designing a tailored BI solution that meets specific business requirements.
  • BI Tool Selection
  • Defining KPIs
  • Designing – implementation & user adoption plan
  • Development and implementation of all components
  • QA of created solution
  • User Training
  • Continued Support and evolution of Data Analytics strategy

Areas we help with BI and Data Services

Data Warehousing: Data collection, cleaning and storage

Consolidating data from heterogeneous sources like CRM, ERP, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, CDP and many more

Data Analysis and Reporting

Multidimensional retail data analysis with OLAP, creating self-service dashboards and reports

Data Visualization

Dashboards and reports tailored for different users like C-suite, Department Heads, Sales reps, and analysts.

Predictive Analytics and Forecasting

Enabling Machine Learning Capabilities to get dashboards like Sales forecasting, demand forecasting, inventory planning tips, and more



Enhanced understanding of customer behavior through an omnichannel approach


Higher response rates for marketing campaigns


Anticipated opportunities for cross-selling and upselling


Increased frequency and value of sales


Improved forecasting of future product demand


Improved customer retention and reduced churn


Customized offers, mailings, and rewards leading to better customer engagement


How Diaspark contributes to the digital transformation of the retail industry?

Diaspark has been helping retail businesses for over two decades as partners in their digital transformation journey. Our team of experts have helped leading retailers in unlocking full potential of their data. 

Our team can help you assess your retail business requirements and create a data-driven plan to effectively implement and utilize Power BI.

We specialize in developing customized Power BI applications and have a team skilled in working with various technologies, from legacy frameworks to modern Power BI.

We are recognized for our exceptional Power BI dashboard development and expertise in Power BI service setups and gateways.

With over 100 Power BI implementation and development projects under our belt, we have established high standards for our Power BI consulting and development services.

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