Virtualization is a decade old approach now, and Application Containerization i.e. running applications in containers, is gaining a lot of momentum in the IT world. Containerization is the whole new approach to deliver applications in no time, higher reliability, consistency and efficiency, without having to worry about the deployment environment.

Diaspark Containerization Services enable businesses to develop solutions that gauge legacy data centres into new containers, empowering them with all tools required to manage the platform. We use Docker platform to enable users to easily pack, distribute and manage applications within containers.

Benefits of Application Containerization Services

  • Easy deployment of containerized applications into legacy systems
  • Implementation of a fully-managed platform for infrastructure maintenance
  • Accelerated productivity with multiple distributed containers with no dependency on each other
  • Streamlined DevOps with Docker Hub
  • Optimized Efficiency with end-to-end support for multiple containers
  • Improved applications consistency and run-time, irrespective of platforms and configurations