AI/ML Services

Accelerate business efficiency using Intelligent AI/ML capabilities.
Build next-gen AI/ML solutions to embrace real potential of Digital Transformation

Diaspark makes it easy for businesses to realize true potential from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML). We help enterprise to build, adopt, utilize and implement competent AI & ML solutions that drive better business outcomes. Our AI & ML portfolio powers enterprises with intelligent features that eliminate human errors and increase performance by automating business activities.

Scope of Diaspark’s AI & ML Services

End-to-end, 360 degree coverage of services and solutions from assessments to managed services with complete automation.

Customized AI & ML solutions with data analyzing, mining, and visualizing that deliver enhanced value to our clients.
Automated AI solutions and services for organization’s regular tasks that require immense human efforts.
Use Cases

Customer Intelligence

  • Recommendation engine and predictive analytics to increase customer retention by offering the most relevant information for products/services to customers.
  • Dynamic customer context via relevant, personalized and targeted interactions.

Risk & Fraud Intelligence

  • Fraud intelligence solution interpreting real-time behavioral profiles of individuals, accounts, merchants & devices using cognitive services and human sciences
  • Identify new fraud and breach patterns to prevent and manage fraud and enhance operational efficiency

Natural Language Processing

  • NLP and chatbots to answer a human request
  • Advanced functionalities include extracting information about products, services and companies etc.

Image Recognition

  • Machine Learning enables companies to train a machine system to identify human and objects in images to build applications of higher value
  • Automatic monitoring and effective control of assets in remote-areas
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