Wearable Technology: The Next Big Revolution

 In Mobility Solutions

After the smartphone era, the next big thing is wearables. A new wave of wearable technology is hitting the mobile device market. The worldwide market for wearable devices is projected to reach $20.6 billion by 2018, reaching an annual growth rate of 36%. Wearable devices are taking hold in every major industry like healthcare, fitness, retail, banking, insurance to manufacturing and travel.

There are lots of companies who are focusing on the wearable market and not only watch and glasses, wristbands, headbands, contact lenses, health trackers, smart clothing, jewelry such as rings, bracelets etc. are the next big thing in wearable technology. As the tech. companies are fabricating the new technologies in wearables, even the sports brands are also peeping in the wearables market.

The goal of wearable technologies in each field is to smoothly incorporate functional, portable electronics and computers into individuals’ daily lives. As wearable devices make users go hands-free that’s why there are a lot of ways they could be useful at work.

Most Popular Wearable Devices:

Smart Watch:
Smart watches are digital watches that do more – a lot more – than our old analog time tracking device. These watches alert the wearer to text messages or posts on social media, they also provide the weather alerts, also keep track of events, and of course, display the time. An add-on feature that’s beneficial from the healthcare point of view includes that some smart watches also acts as a healthwear that keep record of heart rate and steps taken. They also analyze your sleep position, sleeping pattern and many more. Smartwatches also acts as an interface between the hand held devices such as smart phones, it means the wearer can control music or answer phone calls.

Eye Wear:
A Smart-eyewear, also called smart glasses, are a wearable that you wear like glasses and the lens acts like a screen where it shows some sort of heads-up-display. For example, it gives you a view of a map with directions to your destination, the weather reports or it will also provide you the surrounding logistics.

It is also helpful in the field of training the fresher so that they can get the feel of the environment in which they will be working. For ex. if we consider the aviation industry or the driving schools, there the smart glasses can act as simulator that creates the environment in the real time so that the learner could get the proper real environment to learn.

Wrist Bands are the device that can be worn around your wrist like a band. These devices measure heart rate, record steps taken, repetition of an exercise, breathing or calories burned. There are some bands that also record the way you sleep, how you sleep, whether your sleeping posture is correct etc. The wrist bands are the next big revolution for the health & fitness industry.

Smart Clothing:
Each day objects are becoming networked due to the emerging Internet of Things. Clothing is no exception. Smart Clothing includes smart t-shirts, pants, jackets, gloves etc. These smart clothing items are prepared with specially designed threads which will intake energy produced by your movement and will measure the speed, rotation and flexibility with every movement.

Smart Shoes:
Smart Shoes are the next big thing in Wearable World. In these Smart Shoes, people can add destinations and as they move, the buzzing in their shoes will let them know when to turn. These shoes get connected with the mobile app and will help you in counting your activities while walking and running i.e. you can measure number of steps taken, total distance covered and many other cardio activities, taking wearable technology to the next level.

Market for wearable technology is growing with an absurd pace. Many people already own at least one item of wearable technology and, over the next 12 months, millions more will follow. The wearables are creating an entirely new environment for startups and mobile oriented companies to start a fresh business and user experience models. The main aim of the device is to make it easy to be used and handled with freedom to any activity and habits of the person. The industry is still growing and there is a huge scope for future research and endless opportunities.

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