The noise of iPad in businesses…have you heard it!!!

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A few days back, came across this discussion on linkedin “Is “Mobile” a part of every CIO’s strategy to move to a real-time enterprise? – Enterprise applications on Mobile devices like iPads, tablets, phone etc?”. Thought of commenting instantaneously but then missed the bus as comments were closed. The topic is of so much interest to me personally, that it tempted me to write this blog.

Read comments from CIOs, who in a way are receptive to Tablet adoption because of the strategic, emerging, novel reasons but most of them were skeptical on ROI, business value or actual need.

It is true that same device cannot bring universal business value to all types of businesses. The adoption should be truly driven by the nature of business, type of product or as an alternative for some significant cost saving on a conventional usage.

iPad, because of its exceptional image quality and touch features, brings both innovative approach and business value to some of the businesses. For instance to Jewelry industry, which loses over $100 million yearly to crime. The Jewelers Security Alliance reported 1557 crimes against the jewelry industry in 2009. Crimes include theft in stores and off premises like salespersons being robbed while travelling.

For such an industry this device brings lot of business value. This can work as a true business companion for B2B sales. An application like Catalog on iPad, offers very close view of a real jewelry (Zoom, 3600, 3D) which reduces the need of carrying actual jewelry. At the same time, it allows a salesperson to put n number of permutations & combinations like metal type, diamond color, size, clarity etc. to instantly give recalculated price for the chosen style to the customer. And of course followed by order entry & tracking, which generally sales guys have been doing even using laptops. Here, the iPad truly wins because of its razor-sharp image quality, touch features and multiple product views which can replace conventional 2D printed catalogs.

Now imagine the amount of savings made by using digital catalogs. The catalog is always updated, offers compelling experience to the customer and also helps a company go green and contribute to the environment (which is definitely the need of the hour).

According to Forrester’s Michael Greene, richer display formats in mobile devices like iPhones and iPads mean it is easier to inform and educate customers about complex products – whether they are using the mobile site on their own or talking to an account manager on a sales call. This is great news for B2B companies, where products tend to be harder to explain or represent in a print catalog or brochure.

That is why it seems that companies like Medtronic, SAP and Mercedes have already heard the noise. (According to a USA Today story)
Sunita Kishnani
AVP – Marketing

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