Smart Alerts: The Solution To “Flood of Alerts”

 In Energy Solutions

In today’s capital intensive energy business model, monitoring service proves to be the most crucial element of a PV system as it promises high performance at a lower cost in personnel and resources. Its role with key components spans monitoring, analysis, reporting and asset management. Monitoring services should be designed to ensure that users are well informed about their system’s conditions.

The ideology behind Smart Alerts by Diaspark Energy is to update the O&M manager through unique messages, which could be interpreted easily and resolved in real time. These alerts can be based on different conditions and vary in their type (ad-hoc, automatic, contractual), urgency level, frequency, severity and the type of information they contain (multiple failure points can be aggregated in one message, for example).

To swiftly handle alerts Diaspark Energy uses the Rules Engine – an intelligent Algorithm, which is flexible to suit the needs of the user. It is hardware agnostic and works with any monitoring agency or data logger, and is compatible with almost all the devices used in PV plants. The Smart Algorithm also by Diaspark Energy is capable of determining which category of alerts needs to be aggregated or suppressed and also decides which need attention instantaneously against what should wait to be recovered automatically.

ad-hoc-alertsAn alert can be a result of some temporary conditions including unpleasant weather or network failure, and should be reset once the situation is addressed. Smart Alerts also update an administrator on which alerts should be sent to whom and when to escalate them to the next level. Alerts are present at every stage of the issue resolution lifecycle starting from updating managers about the issue to tracking the situation until it is resolved. It simplifies the overall workflow for the O&M manager, via intuitive reports. Smart Alerts help asset managers pinpoint weaknesses/failures in the system. This empowers asset managers to maximize returns on their investment.

The holistic goal of Smart Alert is not just escalating alerts. It is a highly robust ecosystem that spreads across geographic locations, equipment types, and weather conditions. This enables O&M managers to plan the preventive maintenance for years to come, and help asset managers and finance teams to make purchasing decisions, tune budgets and forecast revenues.

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