Empowering businesses for competitive edge

Business technology services equip enterprises with responsive applications across business functions to gain competitive advantage. Diaspark is a global consulting and custom software development company specializing in business and technology solutions around new technologies for business collaboration, business analytics and mobility. Our software solutions augment IT applications for meeting the changing information needs and driving your business forward.

With over two decades of serving customers globally, we bring strong architecture capabilities, new and emerging technology platforms and implementation experience across domains. We retain the value of your legacy applications and augment them with capabilities of new-age platforms. We retain the value of your legacy applications and augment them with capabilities of new-age platforms and custom solutions to address some specific gaps. Our process and quality assurance framework ensure accelerated solution delivery. By offering flexible engagement models, we strive to meet your IT objectives efficiently.

Augmenting Businesses with customized applications

Dynamic and competitive business environment makes it essential to have business applications that are more responsive simplifies business processes and workflows. Often businesses look for solutions that can address their unique business needs, and proprietary software products are not sufficient to resolve it. We at Diaspark understand these unique needs and thus specialize in custom application development to address specific needs and bring in new-age features that are self-serving and increases productivity.

Custom Software Development

Optimize your processes with Diaspark application maintenance services

Diaspark's consultants and subject experts understand the importance of the business processes and extend dedicated services for hardware, software, application, database, health check-ups, patches and updates. We have a user specific approach which keeps technology, people, architecture and service at the core focus.


Increased performance and reduced maintenance cost

Swiftness in program releases and enhancements

Match with industry standards

Maintenance Services

Adaptive Maintenance

Data format change, Localization and regulation change, Hardware configuration change, Support Utility Modification, and Operating system integration

Corrective Maintenance

Fix errors in your software system, be it logical errors, coding errors, or design errors. Moreover, we look into any bug that may arise in your algorithms

Preventive Maintenance

Proactive and Preventive - Based on customer feedback and past incidents, we prepare your application for future requirements

Discrete Maintenance

Packaged Software Maintenance, Website Maintenance, Custom Application Maintenance, Long-term Maintenance


Application Enhancements & Performance Enhancements

Other Support Services

Porting, Request Based Software Services, Bug Fixes, Defect Resolution, Configuration management, Status Reports

Augment Core Apps with New capabilities

Legacy Software Apps are still the core of most businesses. The evolution of Legacy software as a business–ready app is outcome of time, resources and finances invested by businesses over the years. These applications perfectly address the business processes and provide a competitive edge by containing invaluable information and historical data.


Legacy Database & Platform Migration

Reverse Engineering to generate system specification

Application Re-engineering

Data Migration & Verification

.Net Architecture Design

Migration to multiple databases or database upgrade/migration to web platforms

Envision your current collaboration environment turning into an easy-to-use intuitive system

Today’s enterprises and the virtual teams of employees, clients, and partners bring huge pressure on organizations to create collaborative workspaces/environment for sharing and discussing ideas. For achieving absolute user adoptions and sustaining security concerns – compliance, governance, user experience, information architecture and security has become essential. Backed by years of experience, our team of experts deploys and delivers best-in-class services and solutions in collaborating environments and systems with related products and technologies. We help our clients define and implement strategy that improves decision-making; our services accelerate their business processes while simplifying the technology landscape.

Diaspark follows below steps to jumpstart a successful collaboration strategy for your organization


Analyze your business needs and how collaboration solution can align with those needs.


Create robust enterprise information architectures


Configure, tailor and develop solution that best fit your needs


Build migration, deployment and governance strategies for a scalable and viable operation of the project

Developed a global collaborative platform.

A renowned biopharma company has partnered with Diaspark to develop an Enterprise Information architecture (EIA) based global collaborative platform.

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