Quality Engineering Services across Technology Lifecycle

In today’s business environment, enterprises are making continuous efforts to keep their technology implementations in-line with the increasing demand for multiple end-user technologies, interoperability and regulatory compliance. All of this coupled with the end-user expectation of an immaculate experience has made testing software applications a daunting task that requires immense maturity, significant time and resources and higher costs.

Diaspark has spent more than 20 years in assisting enterprises address their quality assurance and testing needs leveraging manual and automation testing methodologies. Diaspark’s software and infrastructure testing services fit every stage of technology lifecycle – Be it development of a solution from its core, managing existing digital assets or upgrading existing technology infrastructure and applications to a superior platform.

To successfully manage technology and business priorities, enterprises now realise the critical role of core testing in the software development life cycle.

Diaspark’s core testing services are designed ensure applications conform to business logics and perform glitch-free across scenarios and environments. Our highly competent QA team is an amalgamation of technology and functional experts that bring understanding of application workflows across domains which adds tremendous value in our engagements. We offer the following services

Functional Testing

Usability & Compatibility Testing

Integration Testing

System/Acceptance Testing

Regression Testing

Diaspark is an established leader in providing automated testing services

We partner with our customers in understanding their testing goals and how automation can become a crucial part of their testing function. By introducing automation in every stage of testing, enterprises realise an increase in coverage of business critical testing and reduction in repetitive/manual efforts.


  • Development, customization, and maintenance of automation frameworks, which are robust, reusable, and easy to maintain
  • Automation advisory Services that cover automation requirements assessment and enable you to make decisions based upon an impartial and qualified assessment of applications and products
  • Tool standardization and optimization to reduce testing costs, time, and efforts
  • In-house frameworks


  • Module Based Testing Framework
  • Library Architecture Testing Framework
  • Data Driven Testing Framework
  • Keyword Driven Testing Framework
  • Hybrid Testing Framework
  • Behavior Driven Development Framework


  • Selenium and QTP – Functional
  • APPIUM – Mobile Functional
  • Espresso – Mobile Functional
  • JMeter, VSTS and Load Runner Performance Testing

Innovative technologies around cloud, web and mobile platforms are rapidly penetrating the business environment

To ensure optimal business outcomes, these technology implementations require a robust quality assurance mechanism. Diaspark offers specialized testing services that combine our methodologies, processes, experience, and best practices, which are supported by world-class tools to address these testing challenges.

Cloud Testing assesses the performance, security and functionality of infrastructure, applications and services of cloud based solutions. Right from server performance, network connectivity, databases to software scalability, Diaspark services are designed to test all the unique layers of cloud implementations.

DW/ETL Testing DW/ETL Testing services are designed to validate data correctness and completeness apart from the ETL process validation. Our automation and optimization techniques help enterprise speedup the complete testing cycle.

Internationalization and localization testing ensures reliability, usability, acceptability, and above all relevance to audience and users worldwide. Products need to be localized and then tested on many counts like language/copy context, consistent functionality, compatibility, and interoperability that include verification and validation of content, language, symbols, and terminology which ensures cultural sensitivity and understands your local needs.

Diaspark’s team has the ability to diagnose the performance and stability of software under normal and extreme operating (often at the breaking point) conditions

As a result, we can identify the parts of your software that need tuning and are able to fix them. In general, Diaspark team provides different types of Performance Testing - stress testing, load testing, soak testing, scalability testing, stability (reliability) testing and volume testing - to evaluate a solution's productivity and ensure that it meets all requirements.

With increasing risks of security breaches and stringent industry compliances, testing software applications now require a more comprehensive approach to ensure a defect free environment

Backed by an experience of working with enterprises in multiple domains, understanding of industry compliances (HIPAA, FERPA, ADA etc) and `security best practices, Diaspark is the right fit for 360 degree testing needs of enterprises across industries.

We check the reliability of your software’s user and system security, protecting end users from the theft or loss of private and sensitive data, as well as guarding against other intrusions, including

To protect against unauthorized access to programs and system data by users with unauthorized or limited access

Theft of critical data, including user logins, passwords and payment information

Various types of fraud during online payments

Crack of web systems for future distribution of malicious software to system users

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