Diaspark is attending Health 2.0 8th Annual Fall Conference

Diaspark Inc, a CMMi Level 5 company and a leading provider of healthcare software product development, platform modernization, systems interoperability, mobility and telehealth services to ISVs across EMR, practice management, home healthcare and population health management is attending Health 2.0 8th Annual Fall Conference 2014 in Santa Clara on September 21-24, 2014

The US Healthcare industry is in the midst of a profound transformation oriented towards facilitating managed care. Technology advancements have revolutionized healthcare systems impacting every mode of care delivery. Recent regulatory changes, privacy and security measures enacted have presented new set of challenges impacting the cross section of the Healthcare industry segments. This demands technology players and Healthcare Software vendors to ramp up their products and services. The said goals do not come in easy without deep insights into the intricate gaps that may exist, technological safeguards and compliance understanding and process maturity required to take the client from the Gap-Analysis to the Audit and Maintenance stage. With an established competency in Healthcare IT, the Diaspark Healthcare Practice aims to fulfill this slot.

Vishnu Saxena, VP and Business Head, Diaspark Healthcare practice adds – “Every year we see innovative startups redefining healthcare technology at Health 2.0 to make care delivery easier and more effective. We have been partnering with ISVs for more than a decade now and proudly position ourselves as an extended enterprise that not only delivers highly competent technology resources but also brings functional expertise. By partnering with Diaspark, our customers can easily shift their focus from mere ‘product development’ to ‘product management’ ”

About Health 2.0

Since 2007, the Health 2.0 Conference has been the leading showcase of the cutting-edge technologies transforming health and healthcare. Not your typical stodgy conference, Health 2.0 brings a fresh approach. We collect together the best minds, resources and technology for compelling panels, discussions and lots of  product demonstrations. In addition to our flagship event held in the Bay Area each Fall, we host events around the world including in Europe, Latin America and India.


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