Diaspark Healthcare launches Telehealth solutions

“The use of telehealth is now getting integrated into the ongoing operations of care providers, home health agencies, private physician offices, and people’s workplaces and homes. Today telehealth is seen as a growing type of modern health care.

Developing telehealth solutions requires using technology and tools like two-way video, smart phones, email, wireless tools and additional forms of telecommunications technologies.”

Diaspark healthcare, in the belief that an efficient fusion of traditional office-based physician practice and telehealth features which will not only best serve overall patient needs but increase the scalability of the physician as well, has invested in telehealth labs and has successfully developed software app is and applications for

Video consultation: Pluggable application component that is cross browser compatible and incorporates audit trails

Remote Monitoring: A mobile application that can read observations from medical devices via BluetoothHDP and transmits output as an HL7 message

With the above development, Diaspark now offers to Healthcare ISVs and Providers the time and cost advantage of readily available telehealth components that can expand the care delivery modes for the latter. IntEMR reengineering, one of our projects, has successfully implemented the Video/chat consultation component. IntEMR has the Video, Audio and Chat features embedded within the application.

How our ‘Video Consulting’, ‘Live feed’ components are differently implemented?

The way our video consultation solution has been differently implemented in the IntEMR from other online doctor appointment and consultation systems is that the physician can look up the patient medical records and history during the VC and also manage a consultation deck for analysis.

The mobile application that supports receiving of live feeds from a medical device (Pulse Oximeter) enables the Physician to carry out a comprehensive assessment. The live feed is converted to HL7 messaging format and is integrated with the patient records in the main IntEMRapplication with appropriate notifications.

To view the video of the Live feed mobile application, click here.

To know more about Diaspark telehealth solutions please email Radhika Iyengar, Healthcare Solutions Head.

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