Moving Away From Issue-based Decision Making to Predictive Analytics

 In Energy Solutions

PV energy resources are dramatically changing the energy landscape, and solar businesses are looking to best leverage the opportunities presented by it. With lowering costs of solar panel installations, budgets are now being deployed towards improvising operational performance using sophisticated monitoring and analytics tools.
However, numerous O&M providers & asset owners are often challenged with monitoring performance of their PV portfolios dispersed across geographical locations. With heterogeneous monitoring systems installed at every unique PV site, it can be challenging to setup unified reports that provide holistic conclusions. The result is a lack of meaningful information which may negatively affect business outcomes.

Diaspark Energy offers an intelligent monitoring and analytics solution to help O&M providers and asset managers seamlessly monitor, manage and report on the performance of their entire PV portfolio. Our robust solution even presents actionable insights to asset owners and financiers. Some of its unique features include:

• Seamlessly integrates with variety of software & hardware
• Deploys a smart algorithm to filter critical alerts
• Escalates the equipment failure in advance
• Reduces downtime by preventive and corrective maintenance
• Provides a unified view of all PV portfolios
• Automated workflow for all documents and procedures
• Customizable dashboards for asset owners, O&M providers and investors to provide actionable insights.

Diaspark Energy’s insight generating solution promises energy businesses with a competitive edge as its implementation would provide them a crystal clear view across every stage of energy generation throughout their entire PV portfolio.

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