Mobile Patient Portal For End-To-End Physician-Patient Engagement

 In Healthcare Services

The pharmaceutical industry is evolving at a break-neck pace. Most companies are seeking technological innovations to better enhance physician-patient engagement, due to which, patient portals are making a splash in pharmaceutical industry. According to Frost & Sullivan the U.S. patient portal market is expected to reach $898.4 million by 2017.

In the U.S., 88% of the physicians would like their patients to manage their health, at home, by using mobile applications. It’s the right time for pharmaceutical leaders and other healthcare providers to take strategic initiatives to meet the expectations of the physicians and patients. An effective way to meet their needs and gain a competitive edge is patient support, which can be achieved through a patient portal.  Patient portals are designed to boost the patient’s involvement in their care, as portals encourage the viewing of test results, and health documentation, which can also facilitate an ongoing doctor-patient dialogue.

Mobile Patient Portal – Benefitting Both Physicians & Patients:

For Patients:

  • Patient enrollment and profile management
  • Health record(s) management
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Medication refill reminders and tracking
  • Patient education
  • Survey

For Physician:

  • View patient profile
  • Appointment management
  • Collaboration with HCPs
  • View reports and dashboard

The benefits of the portal to patients are endless. Portals enable the pharmaceutical industry to; promote their products, cultivate customer relationships, achieve transparency, and most importantly, it enable patients to stay safe by reminding them for on-time intake and refill(s) of their prescribed medicines. As a patient, the portal(s) are playing a bigger role in the delivery of services, and the pharmaceutical industry should understand the need to invest more resources into the mobile sector.  In addition, provide innovative solutions to enhance patient engagement, while leveraging medication adherence.

Bob Watcher, author of The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype, and Harm at the Dawn of Medicine’s Computer Age said If a pharma company can figure out a way to be helpful to the patient without crossing various ethical lines, which is a tricky balance, then patient portal is a way to create a stickier relationship with the patient than traditional advertising.”

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