Mobile Apps revolutionizes the delivery of care by Home Healthcare Agencies

 In Healthcare Services

The healthcare industry today is facing challenges on all fronts. Patients are confronted with skyrocketing care costs, while care workers must need to coordinate across their teams, from hospital admission to home treatment for improved patient care & safety.

Home healthcare Agencies today must reconcile rising demand for care with operational costs. Nurses spend more time managing patient information than ever, while lack of team coordination and communication prolongs the diagnosis of diseases & start treatment at home.

Mobile Apps are giving healthcare teams’ power to better team up & provide a new level of coordinated care. Mobile apps begin bridging the gap between clinician and patient; patients are receiving better and faster care.

Global sales of smartphones are expected to hit 1.5 billion units by 2016. Ten years from now everyone from teens to the elderly will be carrying a smartphone, and these mobile devices will be exponentially smarter than they are today & thus revolutionizing the way patients are engaged by the healthcare system.

The market for mobile health apps is also expected to quadruple to $400 million by 2016, & it will radically change the way health care is delivered and accessed.

Today, Mobile Technology is changing the way home healthcare industry operates .With mobile home care apps, agencies can:

• Have complete Patient Information on finger tips: Mobile apps facilitate better decisions & care delivery by placing the latest patient information directly onto field staff mobile devices.
• Spend less time on paperwork & more time on patient care: Mobile apps allows agencies to dramatically reduce paper processes while increasing productivity and compliance, all while delivering better patient care.
• Provide more Coordinated Home Care: With a mobile home care app, agencies can automate care plans, collect vital sign, create & read notes about current & recent visits, collect time-sheet & location data to automatically verify visits, see patient details like allergies, diagnoses, contact info etc.
• Reduced Operating Cost: It helps in eliminating wasteful home care supply management costs with smarter inventory management

Mobile healthcare applications are dramatically changing the way healthcare agencies operate. Most importantly, with mobile, the patient gets the best possible care, because the staff has the latest actionable, meaningful information about each patient’s condition & thus increasing compliance while delivering home care services.

As mobile devices & applications will continue to evolve, they will be used in additional ways, including using the camera, accessing social media, employer portals or health web sites, and connecting to wireless vital sign devices. Some uses will extend beyond clinical applications into business functions.

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