Matured O&M needs best-in-class monitoring and performance analytics

 In Energy Solutions

New policies, evolving technologies and growing pressure to reach unsubsidized tariffs and compete with alternative energy sources are bringing major change to PV energy market. The focus now is on operational performance — improving the generation efficiency of power plants and reducing operation costs These improvements can really increase the effectiveness of PV projects and subsequently the belief and dependability of PV energy.

As O&M providers and asset managers contemplate geographically distributed generation sites, they are challenged by production guarantee and related cost-benefit considerations. They need a flexible platform to provide constant monitoring, automatic report generation of key drivers with customized dashboards. This demands to deploy best of breed operations and maintenance (O&M) software to assure good performance of the power plants by enabling accurate reporting on what is going on in ‘real-time’.

Diaspark Energy offers a comprehensive solution to assist O&M of PV plants, enabling O&M providers and asset managers to monitor, manage and report entire PV portfolio and ensure performance guarantee. The web-based monitoring and asset management platform constantly monitors the performance of the portfolio, bringing actionable, module-level intelligence. With Diaspark Energy, O&M providers can:

  • Conduct detailed performance analyses
  • Automatic report generation
  • Dashboards of key drivers (KPIs) and insights
  • Take advantage of field mobility app
  • Proactively plan for maintenance

The ability to identify, capture and develop historical, current and predictive O&M data and providing real time monitoring of assets and workforces to enable timely, informed decisions over the life of PV system. This results in a more intelligent system and enhanced O&M capabilities. More significantly, it helps O&M providers to guarantee optimum performance and maximum uptime over the lifespan of their PV portfolio.

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