Managing effect of digital transformation – Print to Digital and Beyond

 In Publishing and Media

In last decade publishing has seen dynamic shift, where increased usage of mobile/web channels have pushed print to digital transformation.
Consumers are demanding to interact with content anytime, anywhere. Traditional book publishers must adopt digital business model to engage with growing number of partners and consumers. In this era of digital transformation book publishers need competent solutions that address maturing digital businesses.

The decade has witnessed a swift weakening of print and print advertising revenue. The only way to compensate this loss is to adopt cross-media publishing. Most publishers are struggling to circulate content across media – print, web, and digital devices – wasting time and resources in repetitive processes and shooting up costs in their efforts to support their cross – media publishing needs.

Publishers must have a robust digital approach that offers customized content catering to their specific interests on every channel whether free or paid.

As a software company with more than 20 years of publishing domain expertise, we believe that we can help publishers make the transition to where they want to be– as we already have some of the industry’s leading names and are preparing to do with even more.

Our digital content Management solutions have been a sole source of content to support traditional print, affiliate platforms, mobile device and other channels. A robust digital content management allows

  • Automation of repetitive processes in editorial workflows
  • Distribution of a piece of content to multiple websites/channels for more active management of whole value chain
  • Business intelligence insights and monitoring the KPIs of in-house processes/ workflows, consumer behavior and channel partners. These business intelligence capabilities help publishers make sure that their content management and delivery is completely optimized by not only making sure that there content is reaching the right audience but also analyzing the performance of marketing activities like discounts, promotions.

Effective content management solution makes sure that businesses leverage the maximum out of the opportunities evolving from print to digital. Efficient workflows simplify content delivery and distribution with reduced cost and time implications.

Today’s publishers need a robust and custom-tailored content management system to practically manage every aspect of the publishing value chain. Digital transformation leads to more efficient processes which give time, resources, agility and an enhanced level of responsiveness.

We do more than just developing software; we understand the thought process of publishers and their challenges. We can support you in this “Print to Digital Transformation” to a productive digital future.

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