Leveraging Mobility for Improved Clinical Trials

 In Healthcare Services

To help thrive in the world of shrinking compliance to drug consumption, poor health outcomes and untimely deaths; pharmaceutical industry is looking beyond conventional methods and are paving the way to mobile centric solutions. Mobility is stepping in pharma world with the vision of conducting clinical trials with remote monitoring and cost effective functioning, while leveraging proactive decision making tools & better team collaboration.

Mobile Innovation can cut both time and money required during clinical trial almost in half. The launch of Apple’s Research Kit, medical researchers are now able to create clinical trial apps by taking advantage of iPhone features to gather new data on a scale never available before. Today, new technology enables thousands of iPhone users to increase their awareness and enthusiasm for clinical trials, as well as, optimize the knowledge of the healthcare provider community to participate in clinical trials.

The explosive growth of the pharmaceutical industry is fueled by mobile focused clinical trials encompassing patient recruitment, capturing real-time patient health data, patient engagement & monitoring, compliance & patient adherence.

Improve Patient Centricity in Clinical Trials with Mobile Technology

1. Patient Recruitment: Most often, a trial is negatively affected or delayed due to impediments in patient recruitment and inadequate knowledge about available; treatment options, poor understanding about risks and the benefits of clinical trials, lack of awareness, access to trial sites, fear of research, lack of effective communication, and cultural differences are among the many factors that contribute to the challenge of recruiting patients in clinical trials.

As a result:
80% studies fail to meet recruitment timelines
50% of research sites enroll one or no patients
69% of non-participation is lack of awareness about the trial taking place

With the advent of mobile technology, the pharmaceutical industry can improve patient recruitment and reduce patient dropouts in clinical trials.  When a trial is initiated, pertinent details regarding the nature and therapeutic area of the trial can be sent to a patient’s mobile phone via SMS.

2. Adherence & Engagement: A patient is more likely to fall prey to an adverse effect due to omitting of drug dose. It is imperative for patients to follow the instructions specified in trial protocol(s). Mobile solutions provide multi-faceted medication reminders to aid patient(s) with improving medication adherence. These implications and follow-ups keep patient(s) engaged during the entire clinical trial.

3. Data Capture & Management: Captured data is transferred to a secure server/database which is compliant to all applicable regulatory guidelines, and contributes towards evaluating the patient’s response directly linked to a particular drug.

4. Analysis: Mobile technology can monitor data remotely, via reports that sync device data with electronic data for quick analysis and desired output, thereby providing optimal cost savings.

The success of all clinical trials is highly dependent on effective patient recruitment. With mobile technology, the quality and integrity of the data in all clinical trials is highly influenced; resulting in improved patient reported outcomes, quality of care and patient satisfaction.

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